Neck Pain



Top 5 Common Causes for Neck Pain and a Single Ergonomic Solution

Neck pain is common in all age groups and has become more prevalent with increasing screen time. However, using your mobile or laptop might not be the only reason for your neck pain.

According to the World Health Organization neck pain is the third most common condition contributing to disability worldwide.

So, you are not alone!

Neck pain can be caused by several different factors. Here are some of the most common.

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Common causes for neck pain

1. Poor posture:

It is an obvious cause of neck pain. When you hold your neck in a bad posture for a prolonged time, you are challenging the natural biomechanics of your body. This imposes an undue strain on the neck muscles. The whole mechanism ultimately leads to pain in your neck.

But did you know what a bad posture for your neck is? 

It is when your head is extended slightly forward to your shoulders, known as the “forward head posture”. It can also occur when you are sitting with your chin forwards.



2. Overuse injury:

Overuse injuries/ repetitive strain injuries not only affect your neck, but also your whole body. By repeating the same movement or holding the same pose for long periods without rest or change of position, you may end up with a repetitive strain injury.

For example, while using your smartphone, working at your office or when you sleep on a pillow that is too high, your neck is in the forward head position which can result in muscle strain that shows itself as tiredness, achy pain and may even lead to headaches.

3. Sleep disturbance:

Sleep disturbance could be of any kind including, insomnia, frequent wakefulness, nightmares, or too little or too much sleep. According to Harvard Health Publishing, research suggests that people with sleep disorders were more likely to have neck pain as compared to those having a healthy sleeping routine.

4. Wrong Pillow:

Another common reason for sleep disturbance is an uncomfortable pillow. A wrong pillow is either too high or too low, it is either too hard or too soft that your head just sinks into it.