Injury Treatment

Injury Treatment

Welcome to Medpoint, your trusted source for high-quality injury treatment and management products throughout Ireland.

All of our products are chosen by qualified physiotherapists which means that we have taken great care and attention in making sure you can recover from your injury in the shortest possible time. Whether you're looking for orthopaedic supports, cushions, pillows, bracing, taping and bandaging, Medpoint have all the products you need.

Explore Our Wide Range of Injury Management Products

#1 Massage Cream

Massage cream is an important product that helps therapists in the treatment of injuries or pain management. These creams provide pain relief and reduce stress on muscle groups. We offer specialised massage creams for your treatments. Choose from Chemodol, Chemotherm Warming, Chemovine, and Baselin Massage Milk.

#2 Pillows and Cushions

Pillows can play a very crucial role in injury management by providing the patient support and comfort to different parts of the body. For instance, in physiotherapy, the pillows can be placed to reduce the pressure points and promote proper posture. In addition to that, there are orthopedic pillows that are specialised to aid in neck pain, back pain, and spinal injury. Choose according to your needs from Elsa Deluxe Neck pillow, Leg Pillow, Full Body Maternity pillow, Back Support Pillow, Elsa Travel Neck pillow, Reha Fund Exclusive Orthopaedic Pillow, and so on.

In a similar way, cushions also provide support and comfort to the patient's body parts. Here at Medpoint we offer an extensive range of cushions such as Foam Cushions for Wheelchairs, Padded Swivel cushions, Tubular Support cushions, Back Support Cushions with supports, Memory Foam Ring, and Waterproof Pressure Relief Cushion.

#3 Bandages

Bandages are crucial for injuries and pain management. They help the injured or weakened body part to be stabilise by providing support. If you've injured your muscles, bandages can also aid with pain management and the healing process. Here at Medpoint we offer a variety of bandages that therapists can pick from for your customised treatments. These include Compressive Tubular, Powerflex Cohesive, Tensoplast Sport EAB, Hypafix Dressing Fixation, and Medpoint Elastic Adhesive Bandage.

#4 Elastic Knee and Ankle Support

Elastic knee and ankle supports are very important injury management products for providing stability to the knees and ankles. In case of sprain in ankle or knee pain or injury, therapists and medical practitioners often use knee and ankle support. These enhance the patient's mobility and allow them to do their day-to-day activities more easily.

At Medpoint, we offer a wide range of knee and ankle support such as Elastic Knee Support Sleeves, Elastic Knee Support Sleeves with Open Patella, Crossover Elastic Ankle Support, Elastic Ankle Support with Gel Pads, and many more.

#5 Gel Bunion Protector

A bunion protector prevents the bunion from rubbing on the interior of the footwear. Pain and inflammation will be reduced by using a bunion protector. During therapy sessions, the Gel Bunion Protector facilitates healing and comfort by minimising pressure and friction on the affected area.

At Medpoint, we offer a variety of Gel Bunion Protectors according to your preference and also focus on your customised treatments. The list includes Deramed Ball of Foot and Bunion Protector Sleeve, Deramed Baby Toe Gel Bunion Pad, Deramed Protective Bunion Sleeve, and Deramed Multi-Use Adhesive Plaster.

#6 Heel Cups

Heel cups play a vital role in medical treatments or therapies by providing excess support and cushioning to the heel area. We provide specially designed heel cups that distribute pressure evenly across the entire heel, hence reducing strain and discomfort. There is a wide range of heel cups available on our website that include Deramed Corrective Heel Cups, Deramed Silicone Heel Cups (Side Cushioning), Deramed Silicone Heel Cups (Central Cushioning), Deramed Gel Heel Pads, and Deramed Silicone Heel Pads.

FAQs: Get Your Questions Answered

1. Why choose Medpoint for your Injury Treatment & Management Products?
Medpoint is unique as it is dedicated to both innovation and quality. We provide well-constructed physiotherapy supplies that prioritise patient safety first. Our extensive range of products meet a variety of physiotherapy requirements, guaranteeing that both patients and physios have access to the best products available.

2. What is injury management?
Injury management consists of techniques that help to treat and rehabilitate injuries using different injury management products that focus on healing and recovery.

3. How can injury treatment products help?
Products for treating injuries offer comfort, support, and pain reduction, which helps different kinds of injuries heal more quickly.

4. How do pillows and cushions help in injury treatment?
Cushions and pillows provide support, alignment, and pressure relief to various body regions, assisting in the healing of injuries and encouraging good posture.

5. Why are physiotherapy supplies for injuries important?
To treat injuries effectively, ensure patient comfort, and support in the healing process, physiotherapy supplies for injuries in Ireland are necessary to aid patient recovery.