maximise your gym time: tips for using ankle & wrist weights



Maximise Your Gym Time: Tips for Using Ankle & Wrist Weights

Are you a gymnast and looking for ways to increase your strength? Keeping in mind that your fitness is important, we have some of the most effective weight lifting accessories in Ireland. Ankle and wrist weights can boost your training by adding extra resistance. Adding wrist and ankle weights to your daily routine can transform simple activity into an effective full-body workout. Training with your ankle and wrist weights can boost your strength and gradually increase resistance. You need to maintain proper form while using wrist and ankle weights to avoid strain on your joints. Here are a few tips for using ankle and wrist weights effectively, along with their benefits. 

What are Ankle and Wrist Weights?

Ankle and wrist weights are small straps that can be wrapped around your wrists and ankles when you perform exercises. These straps carry weights, usually weighing only a kilo or two.. Adding additional arm and leg weights for walking has the purpose of increasing the challenges of your workouts.

Wearing ankle and wrist weights will make your work and exercises a bit challenging. Your muscles have to perform and hold extra resistance while doing workouts like walking, jogging, or weight lifting. For instance, it’s similar to walking to school with a backpack full of books. It makes the walk a little more difficult, but over time, it also helps build stronger muscles.

Tips for Using Ankle and Wrist Weights Effectively

#Tip 1: Start Light

  • If you are a first-timer on wrist and ankle weights, then the best way to start is by using light weights.
  • This reduces strains in your muscles and joints.
  • As your strength increases, add the weights gradually while doing the exercise. 

#Tip 2: Proper Form

  • Maintaining correct form is essential for minimising risks of harm.
  • Do pay attention to every exercise, and try to perform them with properly planned and controlled movements.
  • Don’t swing your limbs around because this can put a lot of strain or even cause an injury.

#Tip 3: Choose the Right Exercises

  • Pilates wrist and ankle weights are not appropriate for all workouts.
  • Choose workouts that can handle more resistance.
  • A few examples include exercises like lunges, squats, leg lifts, arm curls, and shoulder presses.

#Tip 4: Pay Attention to Your Body

  • Check how your body reacts to carrying out the exercises with weights around your wrists and ankles.
  • If you are feeling pain or discomfort, you should immediately stop.
  • Make sure the weight is right and if needed decrease it to ensure safety.

#Tip 5: Gradually Increase Duration

  • Start with short training techniques if you plan to use wrist and ankle weights.
  • Gradually increase the duration as you enhance strength and endurance.

#Tip 6: Use Ankle and Wrist Weights Properly and Carefully

  • When used correctly, ankle and wrist weights are advantageous, but they shouldn’t be worn all the time.
  • Wearing wrist weights for walking and jogging involves repetitive motions, so stay away from them.
  • Use them just for specified exercises in your training routine.

#Tip 7: Pair with Cardio and Strength Training

  • The use of weight on the ankle and wrists will strengthen cardio workouts for the whole body.
  • Make them part of bodyweight exercises in the form of walking or running.
  • This increases the stress on your muscles and adds extra challenges to the workout.

#Tip 8: Consult a Professional

  • To ensure safe exercise with ankle and wrist weights, seek consultation from a professional physical therapist or fitness trainer.
  • Specialists can advise customised workouts and help you choose the weights for your exercise plan so that you use them safely and effectively.

Benefits of Ankle and Wrist Weights

  1. Enhanced Muscular Engagement: Walking with wrist weights provides additional resistance, which ensures that more muscle groups work together in your arms, shoulders, and legs as you walk. Strength and muscle flexibility can both be enhanced by this thorough engagement.
  2. Cardiovascular Intensity: Using the ankle and wrist weights can increase your heart rate and enhance your cardiovascular fitness, thus walking becomes more effective. To accomplish your fitness goals quicker, you can increase the intensity.
  3. Caloric Burn Boost: A higher calorie burn results from using more muscles and walking more intensely. This can be especially helpful for fat loss and weight management.
  4. Bone Density Improvement: Weighted vests, as well as wrist and ankle weights, can add a little amount of weight that promotes bone health and helps to stop bone loss.
  5. Increased resistance: The addition of ankle and wrist weights adds extra weights that in turn challenge your body. While doing curls and squats with small weights, your muscles have to be worked extra, since the resistance is increased. As your muscles adjust to the higher resistance they become stronger.
  6. Improved endurance: The main component of endurance is the amount of time your muscles can function without getting fatigued. Weights for the wrist and ankle help you develop your muscles by pushing yourself for a longer period. This will increase your general stamina and endurance levels. 
  7. Progressive Overload Made Easy: Progressive overload, which increases resistance gradually to promote steady improvement, is made possible with adjustable ankle and wrist weights. 

Way Forward

Ankle and wrist weights can be beneficial if used properly. It’s best to avoid performing high-intensity workouts while wearing them. It is recommended to use them for lower-impact workouts or while recovering from an injury under the supervision of a professional. However, if you want to make major physical improvements, you’ll be more successful following a planned strength training schedule to help you reach your objectives. Do consult the advice of a professional personal trainer who can assist in developing a workout schedule customised to your specific requirements. 

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