transitioning to postpartum: how to continue using pregnancy pillow



Transitioning to Postpartum: How to Continue Using Pregnancy Pillow

Sleep is very important for a healthy lifestyle especially when you are pregnant or experiencing postpartum. Your back will be under a lot of strain as the baby grows and you begin to bear more weight, which can make sleeping difficult.

A great option to achieve the comfort you need while you sleep is with a pregnancy pillow. Pregnant women shouldn’t sleep on their backs because this can restrict the blood supply to the developing fetus. Orthopaedic pillows in Ireland help a lot in providing women with comfort while sleeping. In this article, we will explore the uses of pregnancy pillows and their benefits. 

How to Choose a Pregnancy Pillow to Keep You Off Your Back

Choosing a pregnancy pillow is not only time-consuming but also a challenging task. Here are a few things you should consider before purchasing a pregnancy pillow:

  1. Size: Maternity pillows are available in a different range of sizes. Your choice of size depends on what’s best suited to your body. While some people buy a full body maternity pillow, which would provide much-needed support. Others would rather use a smaller pillow as it takes up less space. These maternity pillows range from wall pillows to c-pillows that take up almost no space. A full-body pillow gives the utmost comfort to those wanting to pamper their bodies.
  1. Shape: Some pillows are shaped in such a way that they give additional support to particular body areas. You might discover that you don’t require much neck support, but you might be more comfortable with a pregnancy bump pillow that supports your back and bump. Pregnancy pillows that come in c-shaped would be a better choice. Your choice of shape can also be determined by how you sleep. 
  1. Material: Everybody has a different preferred sleeping position, and the same is true of the materials they choose for bedding. There are various options for pregnant pillows, ranging from polyester and other insulating materials to permeable cotton covers that provide additional warmth.

Tips for Using Your Pregnancy Pillow in Postpartum

  1. Experiment with Different Positions: While your support with pregnancy pillows changes along with your needs throughout the postpartum period, experiment with different positions for your pillows to access the most comfortable support. No matter what happens when you just gave birth to your baby, whether it’s breastfeeding,or  resting, there’s no one-size pillow that fits all, so it’s important to keep on experimenting.
  1. Invest in Washable Covers: Babies are very adorable and they need a clean environment to live. To prevent the pregnancy pillows from getting dirty, you should choose the covers that are removable, washable and easier to clean so that they will not be a problem.
  1. Consider Multiple Pillows: Perhaps the excessive use of multiple maternity pillows may give you the best therapy. You can choose any of the types of pillows based on your preferences and the post-partum challenges you may be experiencing. Bring together different sizes and shapes of pillows to get comfort solutions.
  1. Pay Attention to Your Body: Examine the changes in your body on how it responds to the way you lie on the cushion and then adjust it as needed. If you have pain or discomfort, the best way is to try different pillows until you find the most comfortable one for you.

Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows

1. Encourages Better Sleep

As discussed, sleep is very important during pregnancy. Therefore, you should use pregnancy pillows that provide comfort and offer better sleep. Pregnancy pillows provide full-body support, maintain your posture during the night, and will adjust to accommodate minor body rotations.

2. Longer Sleeping Hours

Using a pregnancy pillow will allow you to sleep for longer, and result in better sleep cycles. As we’ve mentioned, being pregnant requires extra sleep, so it’s critical to make sure your mattress and pillows support this. 

3. Enhances Blood Circulation

Sleeping on your side is one method for improving blood circulation. However, as the belly starts to take shape, this might get harder and more unpleasant throughout pregnancy. 

Fortunately, you may keep resting on your side, opening up your hips and back, and enjoying the benefits of better circulation with the extra support that a side sleeper pregnancy pillow provides. 

4. Alleviates Body Aches and Pains 

It’s no secret that your body experiences a range of physical and hormonal changes throughout pregnancy. It’s also normal to have some discomfort as a result of these changes, whether it’s lower back pain, weight increase, or pelvic pain. 

However, regardless of your sleeping position, you can experience total muscle relaxation and full body support while using a pregnant pillow. You and the baby will find it simpler to sleep and receive relaxation.

5. Postpartum Use

Maternity pillows provide wonderful support and comfort during your pregnancy, but after you give birth, they’ll be just as helpful! 

Pregnancy pillows provide full-body support, which you can still enjoy, and they can also be used to assist in finding a suitable nursing position. Just keep yourself upright and allow the pillow to sustain your body while you focus on assisting your baby in latching on. 

Way Forward

The journey from pregnancy to postpartum is full of joys, challenges and many adjustments. Maintaining comfort and support with a pregnancy pillow can provide ease in this journey. These pillows offer continuous relief and relaxation, supporting the entire body and helping in nursing. With the comfort and help of your reliable pregnancy pillows, embrace the pleasures and challenges of parenthood. 

With the selection of pregnancy pillows in Ireland from Medpoint, get the support and comfort you deserve for the duration of your pregnancy and beyond. Contact us today to improve your pregnancy and postpartum journey with comfort and support!

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