Advanced Yoga Poses



Exploring Advanced Yoga Poses with the Help of Yoga Blocks

Yoga, a practice celebrated for its versatility, continually evolves to meet the diverse needs of practitioners. While advanced yoga poses may seem daunting, the strategic use of props can provide invaluable assistance in reaching new levels of flexibility, strength, and balance. In this exploration, we delve into the world of advanced yoga poses, uncovering how yoga blocks can serve as indispensable tools, unlocking the potential for practitioners to deepen their practice with confidence.

How Do Yoga Blocks Help with Boost My Yoga Skills?

1. Opening New Dimensions in Backbends:

Advanced backbends, such as King Pigeon Pose or Wheel Pose, require substantial flexibility and strength. Yoga blocks act as supportive pillars, providing lift and stability. Placing blocks under the hands in Wheel Pose, for example, allows practitioners to open the chest more expansively, encouraging a deeper backbend with proper alignment and reduced strain on the wrists.

2. Assisting in Arm Balances:

Arm balances like Crow Pose or Handstand demand a combination of strength and balance. Yoga blocks become valuable allies by offering height and stability. Placing blocks under the hands in Crow Pose creates additional lift, making it more accessible for practitioners to find their balance point and build confidence in arm balancing poses.

3. Supporting Inversions:

Inversions, including Headstand or Forearm Stand, challenge practitioners to defy gravity while maintaining control. Yoga blocks provide crucial support, allowing individuals to gradually progress in inversions. By placing blocks under the head or forearms, practitioners can reduce strain on the neck and shoulders, promoting a safer and more controlled inversion practice.

4. Enhancing Twists and Bindings:

Advanced twists and binding poses, such as Marichyasana or Revolved Triangle, benefit from the use of yoga blocks to create space and stability. By placing blocks under the hands, individuals can maintain proper spinal alignment, deepen the twist, and open the chest more fully, unlocking the potential for a more profound and effective twist.

5. Customising Alignment in Hip Openers:

Deep hip-opening poses, like Eka Pada Rajakapotasana or Half Lotus, often require precision in alignment. Yoga blocks assist in customising alignment by providing support. Placing blocks under the hips or hands in these poses ensures that practitioners maintain proper form, gradually deepening their hip flexibility while reducing the risk of injury.

Advanced Yoga Poses

6. Progressing in Standing Balances:

Standing balances, such as Tree Pose or Eagle Pose, demand not only strength but also focused stability. Yoga blocks become stabilising foundations, aiding practitioners in finding their centre of gravity. Placing blocks under the hands or between the thighs enhances stability, allowing individuals to explore advanced variations of standing balances with increased confidence.

7. Adapting to Restorative Variations:

Advanced yoga poses can also find a place in restorative practices, fostering relaxation and rejuvenation. Yoga blocks offer the necessary support in restorative variations of poses like Supported Shoulder Stand or Fish Pose. The strategic use of blocks enhances comfort, encourages longer holds, and deepens the restorative benefits of these advanced postures.

8. Fostering Confidence and Overcoming Fear:

Yoga blocks play a pivotal role in fostering confidence and helping practitioners overcome fears associated with advanced poses. Whether providing a sense of security in inversions or offering a stable base in balancing poses, the use of blocks instils a greater sense of assurance, empowering individuals to explore and embrace the challenges of advanced yoga postures.

9. Amplifying the Mind-Body Connection:

The use of yoga blocks in advanced poses amplifies the mind-body connection inherent in yoga practice. By focusing on proper alignment and intentional engagement, practitioners cultivate a heightened awareness of their bodies. This mindfulness not only enhances the physical benefits of advanced poses but also deepens the overall mind-body connection during the practice.

10. Personalising the Yoga Experience:

Yoga blocks offer a personalised touch to the yoga experience. As practitioners explore advanced poses, the adaptability of blocks allows for customisation based on individual needs and abilities. This personalisation ensures that individuals can tailor their practice to align with their unique bodies, fostering a sense of inclusivity and empowerment.

11. Increasing Accessibility to Advanced Poses:

The strategic use of yoga blocks increases accessibility to advanced poses, making them attainable for a broader range of practitioners. This inclusivity aligns with the core principles of yoga, emphasising that the benefits of advanced poses are accessible to anyone willing to explore and engage in their practice with dedication and support.

12. Facilitating Safe Exploration:

Advanced yoga poses often involve pushing the boundaries of one’s physical capabilities. Yoga blocks act as guardians, facilitating safe exploration of these challenging postures. The added support they provide allows practitioners to venture into advanced poses with a reduced risk of strain or injury. This safety net encourages individuals to embrace a spirit of curiosity and experimentation, knowing that the blocks are there to provide a stable foundation.

13. Aiding Recovery and Rehabilitation:

For individuals recovering from injuries or dealing with specific physical conditions, yoga blocks play a vital role in aiding recovery and rehabilitation during advanced poses. By strategically placing blocks to modify the intensity or alignment of certain poses, practitioners can engage in a healing practice that promotes strength and flexibility without compromising their recovery process.

Advanced Yoga Poses

14. Harnessing Energy and Alignment:

Advanced yoga poses are not only physically demanding but also involve the harnessing of energy and alignment. Yoga blocks serve as energetic anchors, grounding practitioners and aiding in the alignment of the body’s subtle energy centres. This integration of energetic principles enhances the transformative aspect of advanced poses, fostering a holistic connection between the physical and energetic dimensions of the practice.

15. Nurturing Patience and Mindfulness:

The journey into advanced yoga poses with the assistance of yoga blocks nurtures qualities of patience and mindfulness. Practitioners learn to honour their bodies’ limitations while staying present in each moment of the practice. The deliberate and mindful use of blocks becomes a meditation, fostering a deep connection between breath, movement, and the unfolding exploration of advanced poses.

16. Cultivating Strength and Endurance:

Advanced yoga poses demand a higher level of strength and endurance. Yoga blocks, strategically placed to offer support, become tools for building the necessary physical attributes gradually. This intentional cultivation of strength and endurance contributes not only to the success of advanced poses but also to the overall resilience and vitality of the practitioner.

17. Sustaining a Lifelong Yoga Journey:

The collaboration between yoga practitioners and yoga blocks sustains a lifelong yoga journey. As individuals evolve in their practice, so too can the role of yoga blocks. From initial support in advanced poses to nuanced adjustments that align with the practitioner’s changing needs, these blocks become enduring companions, adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of a dedicated yoga practice.


In conclusion, yoga blocks serve as versatile companions in the exploration of advanced yoga poses. From providing stability in challenging balances to supporting inversions and deep stretches, these props empower practitioners to push their boundaries with mindfulness and confidence. By unlocking the potential of advanced poses with the assistance of yoga blocks, individuals embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, strength-building, and enhanced well-being in their yoga practice.

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