Best Orthopaedic Pillow for Neck Pain

Neck pain can occur at any age, in people with all levels of health. According to studies, at any given time, 23% of the population is suffering with neck pain.

What conditions could result in neck pain?

– Forward head posture
– Whiplash injury (commonly occurring in road traffic accidents)
– Nerve compression
– Muscle shortness or weakness in the neck
– Muscle strain from exercise.

Another important cause of neck pain can be attributed to a poor sleeping posture where the neck is held in the wrong position during sleep. How early in a person’s life they start to suffer with neck pain, can depend on how long their posture has been unaligned.

A poor sleeping posture can be corrected over time with the use of a specialist pillow. A wide range of orthopaedic neck pillows are a solution for preventing and treating your neck pain problem. If neck pain is left untreated, it can cause lasting, irreversible damage to the neck, head and/or shoulders.

Having neck pain and still using the same pillow can worsen your condition. Common symptoms of untreated neck pain include pain in the arms, lower back and even legs. Pain may also radiate to your head. This may cause you to suffer with Cervicogenic headaches that resemble migraines. Breathing may also be compromised while sleeping with poor posture. This condition is called sleep apnoea.

An effective cure to prevent or treat the wide spectrum of complex neck problems is to use a specialist pillow.

Types of Orthopaedic Neck Pillows:

Elsa Neck Support Pillow: This pillow is made of memory foam that supports your cervical spine in a healthy and neutral alignment during sleep. It uses your body temperature for moulding its shape to the contour of your neck and shoulders. Thus providing a comfortable surface for the head to rest on. It also gives much needed support to the neck to aide in relieving neck pain. This pillow is beneficial for those that suffer with neck pain and cervicogenic headache.

Reha Fund Comfortable Orthopaedic Neck Pillow: It is a highly comfortable pillow for people who have a pressure-sensitive neck. It adjusts its height according to the curves of your neck. Therefore it provides you a more luxurious sleep. The pillow has an extra layer inside that can be removed depending on your preferred pillow height.

Reha Fund Exclusive Orthopaedic Pillow: Recommended for people with arthritic conditions of the neck, as it supports the neck in side-sleeping and provides stabilization to your spine during sleep.

Reha Fund Travel Pillow: Travel-related neck pain is due to the constant sitting position of the body while traveling in planes, trains, cars etc. for a long period of time. If you travel frequently, you should have a neck travel pillow for extra neck support. It is lightweight and small in size, making it ideal for storage.

All of these pillows are made from memory foam with 100% natural cotton pillow covers that are washable to maintain hygiene.

How do our orthopaedic pillows help with neck pain

All of these orthopaedic pillows are shaped to adapt to the natural curve of your neck. As compared to a standard pillow or cushion, when you place your head on orthopaedic pillows, the edge of the pillow (which is convex) supports the concave-shaped curve of your neck, and the middle portion of the pillow is deep, providing firm support for the back of the head.

In this posture, your head is neither too flexed, nor excessively extended on the pillow when you sleep on your back. These pillows are also good for side sleepers as the shape of the pillows prevents excessive side bending of the neck.

Other than the shape, the quality memory foam used in these pillows has an optimum firmness that does not press too much into the skin, due to the weight of the head, and still provides a soft comfortable surface for your head and neck to rest on.