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Leukotape P

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Leukotape is a rigid, high-strength bandage that contains a strong zinc oxide adhesive.

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This Leukotape P is a rigid, high-strength bandage that contains a strong zinc oxide adhesive. This ensures adherence to the skin, even in sweat, water or cold. This makes it ideal for knee taping, and also back and neck taping techniques., including the shoulder.

It is specifically designed for patellofemoral (McConnell) taping, a taping technique to correct patellar position (patellofemoral pain treatment).

Additionally, it is excellent for the treatment of chronic problems of the shoulder and its related structures. It helps to re-training the muscles through the bandage. This gives support to the joints in situations of maximum effort. Provides rigid immobilisation for the joint and limits movement.


– Very high adhesiveness.
– Very high resistance to breakage, even against joint stress, therapeutic safety.
– Inelastic, provides strong support and selective limitation of movements, depending on the bandage technique.
– Tearable by hand in both directions.
– Flexible tissue support, better adaptability, ease of application.
– Allows a quick application: high tensile strength.
– Eliminates the need for excessive bandaging, emphasising precision and technique of bandage placement.
– Jagged edges, prevents fraying. Cleaner technique.
– Waterproof support, water repellent.
– Beige color, discretion, camouflage effect with the skin.

Units: 1 roll

Measurements: 3.8 cm x 13.7 m


Leukotape P is most often used accompanied by an elastic bandage or covered with a roll of gauze. Check out our bandages here.