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Tensoplast Sport EAB

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Tensoplast Sport is a porous adhesive elastic bandage. It works to prevent and treat accidents and injuries during sports activities.

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This Tensoplast Sport is a porous adhesive elastic bandage that contains an added protection band along the entire length of the bandage. It is 50% longitudinally extensible. Its high porosity allows for transpiration, minimising the risk of maceration. It is hypoallergenic and water-repellent. Furthermore, it is latex-free, making it very beneficial for those who have sensitive skin.



Adhesive and elastic

– Excellent initial and long-lasting fixation (therapeutic safety).
– Adhesiveness even on the edges, even in the face of great physical requirements resulting from sports practice.
– Adhesive with high skin tolerance, especially in patients with sensitive skin.
– Extensible longitudinally, great adaptability, especially on bony prominences and areas with very closed angles (heel).


– High porosity, allows transpiration, minimises the risk of maceration.
– Protection band in its entire length, greater tension control, avoiding vascular-nervous compromises.
– Water-repellent support, repels water.
– Latex free, indicated for patients with allergies to latex and derivatives.


When to use an adhesive elastic bandage?

– Elastic adhesive containment bandage in joint, muscular, tendon or bone pathologies
– Durable compression bandage in fibrillar tears
– Functional bandage in sports medicine and physiotherapy, traumatology, occupational medicine, neurology and rehabilitation
– Prevention and treatment of accidents and injuries during sports activities


Measurements: 3cm x 2.5m or 6cm x 2.5m or 8cm x 2.5m or 10cm x 2.5m


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