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Couch Roll (box of 9)


39.95 exc. VAT

Individually wrapped for hygiene, this couch roll is perfect for medical and health industries, including Physiotherapy. Measuring 50cm across it is designed to fit all standard couches.

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This couch roll is tissue based, measuring 50cm across, making it designed to fit all standard couches. It is used to cover Physiotherapy beds along with most other medical beds, including beauty couches and beds. The rolls are individually wrapped for extra protection. The paper used is highly strong, therefore, it does not rip or break away easily. This makes it highly useful to medical and health industries.

The couch roll is placed on top of the bed, placing a barrier between the patient and the bed. After the treatment is finished, the paper can be discarded, and any germs and bodily fluids like sweat, are discarded along with it. The table is wiped down and a new sheet of couch roll is placed on top, ready for the next patient. This allows for a quick turnover of patients, allowing for an increased number of treatments, solving patients issues.

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