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Matisse Pro 2+2 Treatment Bed

This treatment bed has electronically adjustable height control. It can be used for therapy, massages and medical care.  It has a headrest, with arms pivoting 180 degrees. It has five mobile sections.


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This treatment bed has electronically adjustable height control. It can be used for therapy, physiotherapy, massages and medical care.


The many features of the Matisse Pro table include:

– A six sector table
– Central section with collapsible armrest
– Headrest with two armrest pivoting 180 degrees
– Electric motor with a thrust force of 8000N
– A manual control switch
– A safety control key
– Fire- retardant padding and covering class 1IM
– Electric height adjustment range 48cm x 90cm
– Safe working load 160kg


Technical Data:

Dimensions: 194 x 64 x 48cm
Backrest/Headrest adjustment: Gas spring assisted
Head section/ Backrest tilt: As high as 70 degrees and as low as -20 degrees
Displacement: 37cm
Pivoting Armrest: 180 degrees
Upholstery: 65mm
Motor Thrust Force: 1 x 8000N
Moisture Resistance Class: IP 66
Lifting Time: 34 seconds
Control: Hand switch
Table options:

– Peripheral Switch Bar
– Retractable Castors
– Switch Bar and Castors
– Paper Roll Holder

Indicative Weight: 83 kg
Standard Conformity: CE 93/42
Maintenance instructions: Yes



What Makes a Good Table?

Treatment tables have both necessary functions and optional functions. The functionality of each bed should be individually suited to the therapist or masseuse using the bed. Beds may come in two, three or four sections.  Treatment beds come as electric or manual. Manual control is not necessarily harder to manoeuvre than the electric bed. However, the table sections should only be adjusted slightly. To makes things less difficult for the patient, electric control is a good choice. Additionally, if the table has the ability to be controlled from all sides, that is a bonus. The table should not only be comfortable for the patient, but also for the therapist.


Who Uses Treatment Tables?

A range of people/ professionals can use treatment tables. These include Physiotherapists, massage therapists, spa practitioners and estheticians.


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