Disposable Face Masks with ear loops


These medical masks with ear loops are used for protection against infection spread from the nose and mouth.

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These medical face masks are made of three layers of dust-free and hypoallergenic non-woven material. It provides effective protection in patients against infections transmitted from personnel’s mouths and noses including exfoliated epidermis, hair and droplet infections.


– modelling nose-piece;
– with ear loops;
– packaging: ergonomic cardboard box to remove individual pieces;
– single-use.


Benefits of wearing a face mask

– A face mask will decrease the amount of allergens in the air from getting inside your nose, throat and lungs. This will reduce the effects of allergies, including puffy eyes and runny nose.
– It will reduce the amount of pollution entering a person system from the environment.
– It will also reduce the risk of contracting the flu and other respiratory illnesses.
– For Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists, the mask reduces the risk of cross contamination from one patient to another.
– For beauty technicians, it limits the amount of dust and strong fumes from glues getting into the air passage.


Who may need to wear medical face masks?

– Healthcare staff, including doctors, nurses, technicians
– Physiotherapists
– Massage Therapists
– Beauty Technicians
– People wanting to protect themselves and others from germs and illnesses


How to wear a face mask?

– Wash your hands before you put your mask on, after taking it off, and after touching your mask.
– Tie or secure your mask around your ears or behind your head. Make sure the fit is snug, not so tight or loose that there are gaps around the sides. Ensure that your breathing is not restricted.
– Make sure the mask covers your mouth, nose, and chin.
– Don’t touch your mask while wearing it. Adjust or remove your mask using the ear loops when possible, rather than the front of the mask. Wash your hands after touching your mask.


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