Clinical Supplies

Clinical Supplies

Welcome to Medpoint, your trusted partner for physiotherapy and clinical supplies across Ireland.

Our high quality disposables including couch roll, massage creams and oils together with sports tapes and disposable gloves ensures that you have all you need for your clients and patients. At Medpoint, we have a full range of physio supplies and furniture to suit any practice. Shop our full range of clinical supplies below or contact us directly with your questions.

Explore our Range of Physiotherapy Equipment & Supplies

#1 Wall Bars

Wall bars are a very useful rehabilitation tool for people who want to recover from injuries or surgeries. They provide support to patients to improve their mobility and make muscles stronger with exercises. Doctors and therapists use wall bars to analyse their patient’s progress throughout their treatment.

At Medpoint, we offer a large variety of wall bars including Double Wall Bars with Steel Supports, Single Wall Bars with Steel Supports, Parallel Bars with Platform, and many more.

#2 Treatment Tables

Treatment tables play a crucial role in medical treatment and therapies by providing a stable surface to the patients for comfortable treatments. These tables are specially designed for the treatment of therapies such as physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic treatments. They also offer features such as table adjustment that helps the therapist to customise the surface for a more comfortable position for patients.

Medpoint are the clinical suppliers that offer the best treatment tables for your comfort. We have a wide range of treatment tables such as Chagall Neo 6, Cezanne Jr 3, Picasso XL, Degas Pro, Modì, Goya, and Chagall Neo 2 Treatment Tables.

#3 Bandages

Bandages play a crucial and important role in medical treatment. They provide support and stability to the weakened or injured parts of the body. Bandages are also helpful in reducing pain and the healing process if you are suffering from muscle injury.

At Medpoint we have an extensive variety of bandages such including Compressive Tubular, Tensoplast Sport EAB, Powerflex, and Medpoint Elastic Adhesive Bandages.

#4 Beds

Treatment beds offer a comfortable and supportive surface to patients when undergoing treatment. We offer beds that are specially designed with features such as wheels, adjustment features, a comfortable surface, ergonomic equipment, and so on. These beds offer patients effective care by promoting optimal body alignment. In addition, they also provide easy access for therapists and medical professionals for rehabilitation and specialised medical procedures.

We at Medpoint offer customised treatment beds for your convenient treatment such as Dalì Treatment Bed, Matisse Pro 2+2, and Cezanne Pro 7 Treatment Bed.

#5 Tapes

Tapes are yet another important aspect of injury treatment and prevention. Sports Tapes can help physiotherapists to treat areas of the body so that they support injuries and help prevent further injuries occurring. Choose from our wide range of tapes such as Cohesive Tape, Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 5m, Pre-wrap, Rigid Zinc Oxide, and Hypafix Dressing Fixation.

These tapes are very useful in treating injuries and wounds. These help to maintain stability and a quick healing process. These also help patients to reduce pain.

#6 Massage Cream

Massage cream is very helpful for therapists for massage treatments and can go a long way in speeding up recovery. These creams provide you with relief from pain and release your stress. We offer a variety of massage creams according to your needs. Why not choose one from our extensive range including Baselin Massage Milk, Chemovine Massage Oil, Chemotherm Warming Massage Cream, and Chemodol Massage Cream.

FAQs: Get Your Questions Answered

1. Why should I choose Medpoint for Physiotherapy equipment and supplies?
We are experts in physiotherapy equipment and supplies. We offer an extensive range of high quality products and we firmly believe that safe and efficient treatments depend on high-quality equipment. We are competitively priced and offer free delivery across Ireland on orders over €150.

2. What types of wall bars are available at Medpoint?
We offer a wide range of wall bars that include Platform and Rotating, Double Wall Bars with Steel Supports, Single Wall Bars with Steel Supports, and Parallel Bars with Platform.

3. How do treatment tables benefit medical treatments and therapies?
To provide a stable surface for therapies such as physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic treatments, treatment tables are necessary. They enable patients to have the most comfortable and customised treatment experiences possible.

4. What are the advantages of using bandages from Medpoint?
We only stock high quality tapes and bandages. Our bandages help reduce pain and promote healing by giving injured or weak areas the vital support and stability they need. They can also be used on wounds to apply pressure, stop bleeding, and promote a speedy and effective healing process.

5. What features do Medpoint's treatment beds offer?
Our treatment beds are made with characteristics that improve patient comfort and encourage ideal body alignments, like wheels, changeable settings, and support surfaces. Additionally, they make it simple for medical staff and therapists to access patients during treatments.