Pre-wrap Tape


This soft wrap is used under a bandage before it is taped down to prevent adhesive tape from sticking to the skin.

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This pre-wrap tape is highly porous elastic foam underwrap for pre-taping. This underwrap eliminates the need for preparation of the skin and therefore, ensuring a quick, easy and painless removal of adhesive bandages.

It is designed to protect skin from adhesive tape. It can protect sensitive skin. Furthermore, it protects against friction while moving or playing sports. It is a popular choice in sport to hold shinpads and socks in place, or for blister prevention.

It is made from thin polyurethane.


Technical data:

  • Length: 7cm x 27m
  • Provides additional padding for sensitive skin or swollen areas
  • Equalises the pressure under strappings and casts
  • Helps prevent skin damage such as chafing or any other friction
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Increases wearer comfort
  • CE Marked
  • Easy unwind for easy application
  • Individually wrapped for clean and hygienic use


What are the benefits of using pre-wrap tape?

– It works to protect the skin from the sticky adhesiveness of sports tape.
– Adds comfort to a wound or injury
– Protects wounds from bacteria and other germs
– Allows a person to carry on with regular life after suffering an injury
– Eliminate irritation from movement
– It is lightweight
– Makes taping and strapping last longer, as it keeps it in place