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Pre-wrap Tape


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This soft wrap is used under a bandage before it is taped down to prevent adhesive tape from sticking to the skin.

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A highly porous elastic foam underwrap for pre-taping. This underwrap eliminates the need for preparation of the skin and ensures a quick, easy and painless removal of adhesive bandages.

Indicated to protect skin from adhesive tape. It is a popular choice in sport to hold shinpads and socks in place, or for blister prevention.

It is made from thin polyurethane.


Technical data:

  • Length: 7cm x 27m
  • Provides additional padding for sensitive skin or swollen areas
  • Equalizes the pressure under strappings and casts
  • Helps prevent skin damage such as chafing or any other friction
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Increases wearer comfort
  • CE Marked
  • Easy unwind for easy application
  • Individually wrapped for clean and hygienic use


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