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At Medpoint, we are your trusted source for physiotherapy and clinic supplies all over Ireland.

Our high quality disposables including couch roll, massage creams and oils together with sports tapes and disposable gloves ensures that you have all you need for your clients and patients. At Medpoint, we have a full range of physio supplies and furniture to suit any practice. Shop our full range of clinical supplies below or contact us directly with your questions.

Explore Our Wide Range of Clinic Supplies

#1 Massage Cream Supplies

One essential product that therapists use to treat injuries or control discomfort is massage cream. Creams help to reduce tension and relieve pain. For your relaxing massages, we provide specialised massage creams. Select any of the following: 

  1. Chemodol Massage Cream: Chemodol Massage Cream is a highly recommended massage cream in the field of physiotherapy or sports warm-up. It is known for its adaptability and compatibility for all skin types. Chemodol is a popular choice for a variety of massage treatments due to its immediate effectiveness in making the skin elastic.
  2. Chemovine Massage Oil: Chemovine is a professional massage oil that is ideal for people with hairy skin. It is washable with water. It is the best massage oil option for people looking for a customised massage. Using this massage oil has numerous advantages. They increase immunity by allowing lymph fluids to flow more easily, improve joint mobility by reducing tension and increase blood flow.
  3. Baselin Massage Milk: Baselin is a non-greasy, hypoallergenic massage milk. It is skin-friendly and quickly absorbs into the skin. It contains plant-based components like coconut oil and caster oil. Baselin massage milk is suitable for all skin types and can be used on the entire body.
  4. Chemotherm Warming Massage Cream: Chemotherm is a massage cream that provides a mild warming sensation during and after the massage. This is because it has components like eucalyptus and menthol. It's perfect for boosting massage strength during sports warm-ups.

#2 Non-Latex Medical Gloves

Gloves classified as Class I Medical are worn as personal protective equipment. During physio examinations, they help protect the individual who wears them and patients from the spread of microorganisms that could potentially cause infection or disease. They are entirely nitrile (acrylonitrile butadiene) and free of latex and powder. The gloves are single-use only and are disposable.

#3 Disposable Face Masks with Ear Loops

These masks are made of three layers of non-woven, hypoallergenic, and dust-free cloth. It offers patients excellent protection against infections, such as exfoliated epidermis, hair infections, and droplet infections, that are spread by staff members' lips and noses. By wearing these face masks, you can reduce the amount of airborne allergens that enter your throat, lungs, and nose. This will reduce the symptoms of allergies, such as runny nose and watery eyes.

#4 Couch Roll

This tissue-based couch roll is 50 centimeters in diameter and is made to suit all regular couches. Along with the majority of other treatment beds, such as beauty couches and beds, it is used to cover physiotherapy beds. To provide additional protection, each roll is wrapped separately. Since the paper is so strong, it doesn't tear or separate easily. This further makes it extremely beneficial for the health and physiotherapy sectors.

Visit Medpoint for high-quality physiotherapy products supply. We have got you covered from massage cream to couch roll. Our products are carefully manufactured and selected to ensure the utmost comfort and safety for both practitioners and patients. Buy clinical products from Medpoint and experience the quality and care that stands out.

FAQs: Get Your Questions Answered

1. What types of physiotherapy supplies do you offer?
We provide a comprehensive selection of physiotherapy and clinic products, such as couch rolls, non-latex medical gloves, massage creams, and disposable face masks with ear holes.

2. Are your massage creams suitable for all types of skin?
Yes, all skin types can use our massage creams, which include Baselin, Chemodol, Chemovine, and Chemotherm.

3. Do your gloves include no latex?
Yes, all of the material used to make our non-latex medical gloves is nitrile. Neither latex nor powder are present.

4. Do you sell hypoallergenic face masks?
Yes, there are three layers of non-woven, hypoallergenic, dust-free cotton that make up our disposable face masks with ear holes.