Chemodol Massage Cream

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Chemodol is good suitable for all skin types. It is used for professional use and can be used in the practice of physiotherapy and sports massage.

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Chemodol is the most commonly used massage cream in physiotherapy. It is used for professional use, therefore, it can be used in the practice of physiotherapy and sports massage. It is a neutral massage cream that has good absorption properties. Absorbing the cream in to the skin, the skin will become hydrated. Collagen within the skin will also increase. Chemodol is suitable for all skin types. Furthermore, it quickly makes the skin supple, making it ideal for all kinds of massages.

Features of Chemodol include:

– Ideal for all skin types. Therefore, making it ideal for massages.
– It has excellent absorption properties
– Neutral odor and composition
– Does not stain
– The lid can be used to dose the quantity of product. Therefore, reducing the wastage of the product.


What are the benefits of using massage oils and creams?

– Boosts Immunity: During a massage, lymph fluids are moved around the body. This increases the ability to fight infections.
– Improves Joint Mobility: Massage oils and creams stretch and relax the muscles of the body. Therefore, enhancing blood flow, and allowing joints to move easier.
– Improves Skin Health: Using oils and creams hydrates the skin and keeps the skin looking young.


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