Ankle and Foot Splint

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This is an external device/ apparatus, that works as a splint. It is used in Orthopaedics to support or immobilise the ankle. 

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This ankle and foot splint is an external device/ apparatus. It is used in Orthopaedics to support or immobilise the spine or limbs. In this instance, it supports and immobilises the ankle and lower leg.
It works by using Velcro straps around the ankle and a larger one at the shin. This secures the splint to the leg. Due to the thin bottom piece, the splint can be worn underneath shoes and socks, making it useful for everyday life.

Ankle and Foot Splint Features:

-Velcro straps
-Soft cushioning on inside of splint
-Plastic exterior
-Can be worn during everyday activities

When should I wear a splint? 

– If you have a sprain, especially to the tibia, fibula or ankle joint
– fracture
– joint dislocations
– severe injuries to the joint tissue
– To prevent dorsiflexion
– To prevent plantar flexion
– Potential injury to occur at the ankle

What are the benefits of wearing a ankle and splint?

– Reduces pain at the site of the injury
– Prevents further injuries
– Reduces swelling in the ankle and foot
– It helps improve balance while the injury is healing
– Stabilises joints
– Helps you regain range of motion
– Speeds up the recovery time
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