Back Support Pillow


This back support pillows works to support the spin and ensuring the spine remains in its natural curve while sitting. Made of memory foam it is light and therefore, easily transported.

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This back support pillow is made of thick viscoelastic memory foam that adapts perfectly to the shape of the body. Furthermore, it provides good support to the spine, and ensures the lower spine remains in its natural curve while sitting. It helps prevent problems with the lower section of the spine, resulting from remaining in an incorrect position for a long period of time. It works to reduce lower back pain when staying in a seated position. The pillow has a series of grooves massaging the back.

The pillow can be used by both healthy individuals and those who suffer with lower back pain.


Technical description:

– width: 42cm
– height: 35 cm
– thickness: 6 to 10 cm.


What are the benefits of using a back support pillow?

– The pillow improves comfort while sitting
– Helps to keep the spine, especially the lower spine, aligned
– Helps prevent slouching, taking pressure off other internal organs
– Reduces lower back pain and neck pain
– It is light and portable, allowing for it to be moved from an office to a car
– Corrects your sitting position
– Prevents further damage
– Improves your circulation


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