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Elastic Ankle Support with Gel Pads

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Elastic ankle support is beneficial if you are suffering with mild ankle sprain or strain, joint effusion and/or inflammation of the ankle. Used in rehabilitation after injury.

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This elastic ankle support supports and compresses the ankle to allow an injury to heal and also to prevent more damage. It can also be worn as a precaution to lower the risk of injury. Manufactured by a breathable stretch knit fabric that is very strong and soft for added comfort. Its seamless material means no uncomfortable rubbing. It includes viscoelastic pads that redistribute bandage compression from the prominent ankle bones to the surrounding soft tissues.


When should I use this elastic ankle support?

▪If you are suffering with mild ankle instability, joint effusion and inflammation of the ankle, postoperative and post-injury irritation (after sprains).
▪Also for support and protection for athletic and work activities.


elastic ankle support



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