Forearm Crutch with foldable cuff


The forearm crutch is used to increase the are of support in people with reduced mobility.

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The forearm crutch is used to increase support of the body in people with reduced mobility. It is recommended for people who require help and support while walking, as well as for maintaining balance after an injury to the lower limbs or torso in order to re-educate the muscles.


When using a crutch whether when recovering from an injury or if you are suffering with chronic pain, it is important to size them correctly. Additionally, you need to deploy the right technique while it is being used.


Benefits of using a forearm crutch with a cuff

– Relieves some pressure on the body
– Relieves pain while allowing for mobility
– They are lightweight, allowing for easy transport
– Crutches are adaptable to the size of the individual. Due to this, they are suitable for people of all shapes and sizes.
– The added cuff takes pressure off the arm.
– They are inexpensive
– Easy to use on rough terrain


Product features:

  • comfortable durable handle
  • ergonomic shape
  • properly selected elbow angle, thanks to which the pressure force on the handle is distributed
  • light anodized aluminum shaft with a rubber cap


It is strongly recommended that you seek the advice of a medical professional with first-hand knowledge of your condition before using a crutch.


For more permanent mobility issues, why not try our adjustable walking stick.