Adjustable Walking Stick


An adjustable aluminum cane is used as a means of support for people with reduced mobility.

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An adjustable walking stick is used as a means of support for people with reduced mobility. It is recommended for people who require help and support while walking, as well as for maintaining balance after an injury to the lower limbs or torso. While increasing mobility, it also increases an individuals health. It also gives people back their independence.


Product features:

– plastic handle;
– hand strap;
– height adjustment;
– lightweight aluminum shaft with a rubber cap.


Benefits of using a walking stick:

– It is lightweight, therefore easy to carry around and transport
– Protects your joints from the impact of walking
– It aids in balance and stability
– Reduces pain and discomfort in various joints while walking
– Canes are adaptable to the size of the individual. Due to this, they are suitable for people of all shapes and sizes.
– They are inexpensive
– Easy to use on rough terrain
– Increases stamina, allowing for increased health
– With the increase of mobility, comes an increase in oxygen levels as the individual is more mobile
– May help diminish hip pain
– Gives individuals back their independence


Technical data

– Height adjustment: 69 – 92 cm
– Load: 90 kg
– Weight: 0.3 kg



We also have a foldable walking stick, that folds up into three parts for easy storage.