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Walking Stick with Seat

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The walking stick with seat serves to facilitate walking, increase stability, and reduce fatigue. The stick folds out into a seat, allowing for breaks while walking.

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This walking stick with seat is made of aluminium. The seat is made of plastic and the legs are height-adjustable. The cane is a technical aid for mobility. It serves to facilitate walking, increase stability, and reduce fatigue while walking on the legs. Furthermore, it works to take the weight of the affected leg.


Product details:

– Structure: Aluminium
– Seat: Plastic
– Handle: Plastic
– Total height as a stick: 86-93cm
– Total height as seat: 73-80cm
– Seat-floor height: 50-56cm
– Weight: 1.07kg
– Maximum supported weight: 100kg

Safety Warnings:

Never unfold and use your seat cane on:

1. Soft ground
2. Cracked pavement
3. Uneven terrain

– It must be used on flat surfaces, otherwise it may tip over and cause possible injury.
– Check the stability of the pole before use.
– Always make sure all screws are in place and tight before use.
– Do not use the seat cane if the rubber tips are broken, torn or missing.
– Sit facing the handle with the handle between your legs.


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