Arm sling with adjustable strap


A sling to support the injured limb such as the forearm, elbow and shoulder joints. It gives relief of the limb while wearing a plaster cast.

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The arm sling is used for protection of the limb after injury or strain. This includes your arm, elbow or shoulder. The sling will ease the pain, protect your arm from any further injury and support healing of the injures limb. It is important to maintain your posture when you are wearing your sling. By not holding the correct posture, the stress on your shoulders may increase. It is recommended that you do neck exercises to avoid stiffness occurring in the neck when wearing the sling. This is especially true if the sling is worn for a long period of time. Furthermore, is it required that the sling is to be removed before bathing or showing. However, your arm is to be kept close to your body to limit movement.


Product characteristics:

  • Air permeable material
  • Velcro adjustable strap
  • Soft pad secures the neck from abrasions
  • Thumb holder for hand positioning.

When would I need an arm sling:

  • Needing to support the limb in injuries involving forearm bones, elbow and shoulder joints
  • Relief of the limb while wearing plaster cast.


Technical Data: 

Size = Circumference of trunk including arm 

XS-           45-49 cm
S-              60-75 cm
M-             76-91 cm
L-              92-107 cm
XL-           >107 cm



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