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Clinical Furniture

  • Individually wrapped for hygiene, this couch roll is perfect for medical and health industries, including Physiotherapy. Measuring 50cm across it is designed to fit all standard couches.

  • The swivelling stool serves many functions, including, benefiting a Physiotherapist or medical practitioner while tending to a patient. It comes in two height adjustable sizes.


  • This treatment bed has electronically adjustable height control. It can be used for therapy, massages and medical care.  It has a headrest, with arms pivoting 180 degrees. It has five mobile sections.


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  • This is a multifunctional professional table with electrically adjustable height and backrest tilt control that has a safe working load of 250kg. It can be used for clinical examination, treatment, physiotherapy and massages.


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  • This treatment table has electronically adjusted height control. It can be used for therapy, massages and medical care. It has an electric motor assisted kyphosis section. It has a safe working load of 150kg.

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  • This staircase works as a tool in rehabilitation to strengthen and improve movement of lower limbs. It can be used after an injury or in the case of a defect.


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  • A two-sided compact corner configuration staircase which can be used in the rehabilitation of lower limbs due to injuries or deficits.


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    These parallel bars are useful in rehabilitation exercises, to strengthen lower and upper limbs.


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  • This professional Parallel Bar is used for rehabilitation exercises. It is suitable for both adults and children.


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