Shower Stool with Swivel Seat


This shower stool with swivel seat is designed for people with reduced mobility. It has a 360° rotating function that allows the user to move around without standing up.

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Round shower stool with swivel seat is an auxiliary equipment facilitating sanitary activities. It is designed for people with reduced mobility, which prevents or hinders independent performance of daily activities. The stool is recommended for use in showers, bathtubs, bathrooms and other humid rooms, at home and in hospitals.


Main features:

– 360° rotating function allows rotating the user without standing up
– seat diameter: 36 cm
– seat made of durable and easy to clean PVC; lightweight aluminium frame (corrosion resistant)
– 5-stage height regulation (stepwise, every 2.5 cm) allows adjusting the height of the seat to the height of the user (from 40 to 52cm)
– feet finished with rubber anti-slip caps securing increased contact surface with the ground guarantee high stability
– easy and convenient system of assembling the stool with no need for tools
– total weight: 2.38 kg



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