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Padded Swivel Cushion

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Whether you’re getting in and out of a car or dining at a table, the padded swivel cushion is your go-to solution. Brings a new level of convenience.

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Experience a new level of comfort and convenience with our Padded Swivel Cushion. Designed to enhance your daily routine, this cushion offers a seamless rotation that brings comfort and ease to tasks that require mobility. Whether you’re getting in and out of a car, dining at a table, or simply seeking a more comfortable seated position, this swivel cushion is your go-to solution.


Key Features:

1. 360-Degree Rotation: Effortlessly swivel in any direction with the cushion’s smooth 360-degree rotation. Say goodbye to twisting and straining – simply glide and pivot with grace.

2. Comfortable Padding: Sink into the plush comfort of the cushion’s generous padding. The soft, supportive padding relieves pressure points, making long periods of sitting more enjoyable.

3. Sturdy Base: The cushion’s durable base provides stability and support while allowing for smooth rotation. It’s designed to handle your weight with ease, ensuring safety and reliability.

5. Portable and Lightweight: With its lightweight design, the cushion is easily portable, making it a versatile companion for various situations – from the car to the office and beyond.

7. Universal Compatibility: The cushion’s compact size and universal design make it suitable for use in cars, trucks, office chairs, dining chairs, and more.

8. Enhanced Mobility: Ideal for individuals with limited mobility, injuries, or conditions that make movement challenging. The cushion provides a gentle assistive boost, making transitions smoother.

9. Sleek Design: With its modern design and neutral color palette, the cushion seamlessly blends into any environment, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.


– Diameter: 35cm
– Maximum Weight Load: 135kg


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