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Elastic Elbow Support with Gel Pads


The elastic elbow support can be used if you are suffering with tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, tendonitis, and support and protection for athletic and work activities.

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The elastic elbow support is manufactured with a breathable stretch knit fabric that is very strong and soft for added comfort. Its seamless construction means no uncomfortable rubbing. The elbow support includes elastic pads that redistribute the compression of the elbow muscles to alleviate pain. It also has an elastic strap for individualised adjustment to achieve selective tightness.


When should I use this elbow support?

▪If you are suffering with epicondylitis (tennis elbow), epitrochleitis (golfer’s elbow), tendonitis, mild contusions, inflammatory processes, injuries and instability.
▪Also for support and protection for athletic and work activities.


elastic elbow support



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