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Deramed Silicone Insole with Metatarsal Elevation

24.35 exc. VAT

This silicone insole with metatarsal elevation will help to support the foot and reduce pressure on the ball of the foot.

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This silicone insole with metatarsal elevation works to provide comfort and support to the areas of the foot that is most impacted while walking and running. They are made with two different types of silicones; one soft and one firm. The blue coloured area is extra soft, giving greater cushioning to the heel and metatarsals. It can reduce pain in metatarsals, heels, hips and knees. Due to their anatomical shape, they can also assist in the prevention of calluses. This insole utilises metatarsal elevation to reduce pressure on the metatarsal heads found on the pad of the foot.


Technical Data:

S- 25cm length, EU Shoe Size: 37/38
M- 26.3cm length, EU Shoe Size: 39/40
L- 27.7cm length, EU Shoe Size: 41/42
XL- 29cm length, EU Show Size: 43/44
XXL- 31cm length, EU Shoe Size: 45/46


– Quantity: Pack of 2



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