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  • 54.99 exc. VAT

    This Pilates foam roller allows for a great variety of exercises to be carried out. It can be used while lying down or by placing the foam roller on the wall. It is 90cm long and very flexible, allowing for the entire upper body to rest on the foam roller.

  • 46.30 exc. VAT

    For use in functional training and personal training. Great variety of exercises possible ( lying and sitting positions).

  • From 27.95 exc. VAT

    The Powerball ABS is an inflatable and burst proof gymnastic ball. The Powerball can be used to strengthen abdominal and back muscles through safe, efficient and dynamic back and stability exercises. While sitting on the ball, the pelvic, abdominal and back muscles are involuntarily used again and again to balance.

  • 35.10 exc. VAT

    The Pilates Circle strengthens numerous muscle groups in the upper body, as well as the arm and back muscles. The ring is pressed together on the soft handles. The strength of different muscle groups is required against the resistance of the ring. Exercises can be done standing, sitting, or lying down.

  • 14.25 exc. VAT

    The Redondo Ball is a soft inflatable ball that serves as the ideal Pilates partner for pelvic floor and abdominal muscle training as well as for neck massage and deep relaxation. The “foldable” ball is very versatile. It can withstand a body weight of up to 120 kg (if required to carry out exercises while lying down).

  • From 11.10 exc. VAT

    The Thera Band is an ideal fitness band for functional exercises with resistance. Use the elastic band to stretch and strengthen the muscles. It is small in size and therefore, it is easily stored and it is also ideal for on the road. It is a non-looped band, which means it can be used for stretching of the foot, calves, arms, wrists and many other muscle groups.

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