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  • From 150.00

    The Kruser were developed by the well-known sports physiotherapist Swen Kruse. The Swen Kruse method does not use any additional preparations such as creams or oils. The instrument made of surgical stainless steel is extremely durable, uncomplicated and hygienic to use.

  • 299.00

    The multi-axis patented (EU patent No. 2081651) platform enables training for all performance levels and ages. The built-in motion sensor transmits to the end devices via Bluetooth 4.0 and a free app. The stable base plate and base plate with an anti-slip coating on the surface provide the necessary security.

  • 199.00

    Balance Sensor Dynair enables intelligent, digitally supported coordination and balance training for all performance levels and ages. The exercises are carried out on a special air-filled balance cushion (original Dynair ball cushion XL) with an integrated motion sensor. This transmits the measurement data via Bluetooth 4.0 and a free app to the end devices (e.g. tablet or smartphone) and shows the results on the screen. The app is available in 11 languages.

  • 199.00

    Balance Sensor Powerball® enables intelligent, digitally supported coordination and balance training for all performance levels and ages. The exercises are performed on a large exercise ball (original Powerball® ABS® from TOGU) with an integrated motion sensor. This transmits the measurement data via Bluetooth 4.0 and a free app to the end devices (e.g. tablet or smartphone) and shows the results on the screen.

  • 179.00

    The patented jumper (European patent no. 2092964) – made in Germany – is a multifunctional training device. An air-filled trampoline ball made of durable ruton on a fiberglass-reinforced base plate. The material is odorless and very resilient up to 200 kg. The product is latex-free and is made of 100% recyclable plastic. The air filling can be regulated by a valve. The surface is non-slip, as is the base plate. The inwardly curved base plate provides an ingenious trampoline effect and allows stacking without a stacking aid.

  • 125.00

    The Dynair Pro – made in Germany – is the first ball cushion made of high quality ruton combined with a stable plate. The material ruton is odorless and extremely resilient (about 150 kg). The air filling can be regulated individually by means of a needle valve.

  • 115.00

    Pliable air cushion supports comfortable sitting. The spine stays active in a seated position. Ideal support to the back during every movement.

  • 58.00

    The Balance Board – made in Germany – is available in 3 different difficulty levels (red, green and blue).

  • 55.00

    Perfect solution for everybody who has to sit all day long and and suffers from back pain. Easy to use on (nearly) every chair in the office, at home or on journey. The air-filled Dynair® Wedge Ballkissen® Comfort – made in Germany – is made of even softer and more comfortable foamed material. The renewed shape of the cushion got an additional integrated relief zone in the center.

  • From 40.00

    For use in functional training and personal training. Great variety of exercises possible (support, lie, sitting positions).

  • 50.00

    Great variety of exercises possible (support, position, seat), shape-retaining roll made of EVA. Material, 90 cm long, so the whole upper body can rest on the roll. No slipping during training, suitable for training in the studio and at home.

  • 50.00

    The balance pad consists of a soft and at the same time robust foam. Due to the unstable surface, there is constant balancing and stabilization during training. This trains the deep muscles and the sensorimotor system. The exercises are effective, time-saving and promote health and well-being. The fitness pad is easy to stow away and can be used anywhere.

  • From 12.00

    The BLACKROLL® MINI FLOW is the further development of a proven regeneration tool for self-massage, the BLACKROLL® MINI. It was developed to loosen adhesions and tension and at the same time to stimulate blood circulation. Revolutionary structure for a double effect.

  • From 35.00

    The BLACKROLL® GROOVE STANDARD has the same degree of hardness as the BLACKROLL® STANDARD and thus offers a wide range of applications. The additional grooves create a slight vibration effect when rolling quickly, which additionally promotes blood circulation when warming up and stimulates the receptors in connective tissue and muscles. The BLACKROLL® GROOVE STANDARD is particularly used in competitive sports.

  • From 30.00

    The TOGU Blackroll soft – made in Germany – is the ideal regeneration tool for self-massage and for releasing myofascia (connective tissue covering muscles and muscle groups).

  • From 5.00

    The Blackroll weighs only approx. 150 grams and is used as a regeneration tool for self-massage – the main aim is to relieve adhesions and tension. In the long term, fascial adhesions and adhesions can be dissolved and scar tissue can also be reduced. The Blackroll Mini is especially suitable for applications in the hand carpal tunnel and foot heel spur.

  • From 15.00

    The TOGU FLEXVIT Mini Fitness Band – made in Germany – consists of woven rubber compared to conventional mini bands. The innovative material makes the mini band feel exceptionally good on the skin.

  • From 26.00

    The airbag for your big ball – Original ABS® safety made in Germany

  • 26.00

    Foam ring for attachment between the base and the base plate to reduce instability.

  • 25.00

    It strengthens numerous muscle groups in the upper body, as well as the arm and back muscles.

  • From 20.00

    The Toning Ball set of 2 – made in Germany – is tailored to the requirements of Pilates programs and is ideal as an ideal additional weight for many movement, yoga and fitness exercises. The weight is centered in the middle of the palms, which is gentle on the joints. Increase the training effect and strengthen your arms, shoulders and upper body in particular with the TOGU Toning Balls.

  • From 18.00

    The TOGU Blackroll Duoball – made in Germany – is now available for selective use with a diameter of 8 or 12 cm. It is also suitable for massaging the back or neck. It can also be used on the wall or on the floor. The distance between the two balls spares the backbone and the massage is even more effective.

  • From 5.00

    Small tool – great effect. Stretch, strengthen or condition. Ideal for travel. Available in 4 level.

  • 18.00

    The TheraFloss Band is available as an elastic band in two different strengths:red – 1,02 mm and black – 1,50 mm.

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