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  • 01-9010395


  • From 11.00

    NEW PYONEX gentle press needles guarantee gentle, superficial, virtually imperceptible needle insertion, are easy-to-use, hygienic, safe and almost invisible at first sight.

  • From 13.00

    The G-Type acupuncture needle provides the high quality you expect from SEIRIN in a longer needle ideal for sports medicine.

  • 13.00

    The thinnest and shortest J-type needle especially made for face/cosmetic acupuncture. The extremely thin type J needles are supplied in a guide tube.

  • From 8.00

    The extremely thin J-Type needles are supplied in a guide tube. Its rounded edges enable comfortable, guaranteed painless positioning.

  • 11.00

    The new and improved SEIRIN ® B-type needle includes some innovative enhancements to the popular acupuncture needle.

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