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Resistance Band (45.7 metres)

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This elastic latex band is ideal for rehabilitation and fitness. They can strengthen muscles, increase resistance, mobility and flexibility. They are available in multiple strengthens and resistances. The band is on a roll and can be cut to the desired length.

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Product description:

It has a high level of endurance. The band can stretch anywhere from 100% its original size to 200% of its original size.

Length: 45.7 m long. The tape is rolled out of the box by hand, and cut to measure the length required for individual use.

Resistance Levels:

Yellow: 1.3kg – 2.0 kg
Red: 1.7kg – 2.5kg
Green: 2.1kg – 3.0kg
Blue: 2.6kg – 3.9kg
Black: 3.3kg – 4.6kg


The product is packaged in individual boxes.


What are the benefits of using resistance bands?

– Helpful in rehabilitation due to the fact low impact exercises can be achieved with them
– Reduces the risk of injury, compared to using free weights
– It is inexpensive compared to gym membership costs
– Increases strength and mobility
– Lastly, they are easily transportable. Therefore, they are easy to travel with. Allowing you to practice your exercise and rehab while you travel.


Why Choose This Band?

The band is made from high quality materials. It is not easily damaged or teared, even during intensive workouts. Resistance can be added to your strengthening or corrective exercises in order to add more intensity. Furthermore, resistance bands, like any latex rubber, are characterised by progressive resistance. Therefore, the harder you stretch it, the stronger it resists.


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