Foldable Walking Frame with wheels


The folding walking frame on large wheels is designed for patients with reduced mobility who need stable support and help while walking. The addition of wheels, allows for the walker to glide easier across surfaces.

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This foldable walking frame is designed for patients with reduced mobility who need stable support and help while walking. It is also recommended for the elderly as an aid in keeping balance, improving walking comfort, and ensuring safety from falling. The use of the walker positively increases the return to activity of people with reduced mobility and and can improve standing position problems. It is foldable and therefore, easily transportable from place to place. It is compact enough to fit in cars. The walker has added wheels for extra comfort. Furthermore, it increases quality of life and makes everyday life easier.

What are the benefits of using a foldable walking frame?

– It foldable and compact
– The wheels allows for greater movement
– It increases mobility and therefore gives user their independence back
– Improves stability and improves manoeuvrability
– It aids balance
– They are inexpensive
– Increases stamina
– With the increase of mobility, comes an increase in oxygen levels as the individual is more mobile
– It will decrease fatigue levels
– It will decrease the risk of falling
– Reduces load of lower limbs
– Making sure you feel safer out and about
– Makes everyday life easier
– Increased quality of life



Product characteristics:

– Durable aluminium frame;
– Height adjustable legs;
– Wide area of support;
– Comfortable handgrips;
– Folds into compact unit for transport and storage;
– Front legs with wheels 5’’ diameter;
– Rear legs with anti-sliding rubber tips.


Technical Data:

– Overall width: 62cm 
– Inner width: 44cm
– Overall depth: 49cm
– Height Adjustment: 64-81 cm 
– Weight: 2.9kg
– Maximum capacity: 136kg
– Frame colour: Silver 


We also have a walking frame with no wheels.