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Corner Steps (Brooklyn)

A two-sided corner configuration staircase which can be used in the rehabilitation of lower limbs due to injuries or deficits. It is compact and the stairs are covered in a rubber, non-slip fabric.


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These steps create a two-sided corner configuration rehabilitation staircase which can be used in the rehabilitation of lower limbs due to injuries or deficits. The staircase can be placed in the corner of a room with a stairs running alongside each wall. The stairs is covered in a rubber, non-slip fabric. It is very compact. Therefore, making it beneficial for people to install, even in a tight space.


Technical data:

– On one side, it has 4 steps at a height of 15cm each
– On the other side, it has 5 steps at a height of 13cm each
– Central element is 60 x 60 cm
– Dimension of corner position: 167 x 199 cm


Additional option:

The corner configuration staircase may also be sold with one side containing steps and the other side containing a walking ramp, if required.


After suffering with an injury, you need time to rest and  protect the muscles, and for swelling and pain to decrease. The next step is to focus on restoring your full range of motion. Throughout this return to flexibility it is normal to experience slight discomfort, however significant pain should not be present.

In time, you will restore joint mobility, muscular movements, and range of motion, with the help of a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist will design a rehabilitation program with activity targeting muscle stretching, flexibility training, and therapeutic exercise. Your physiotherapist may also recommend joint mobility and range of motion exercises that can be performed from the comfort of your home. Therefore, the rehabilitation staircase can become very helpful for your recovery.



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