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Adjustable Curved Handle Walking Stick

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The use of the adjustable curved handle walking stick allows the user to maintain independence, while increasing stability, and reducing fatigue.

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The stick is a technical aid for mobility. It serves to facilitate walking, increasing stability, and reducing fatigue or load when walking on legs. It also allows weight to be lifted off the affected leg. This adjustable curved handle walking stick may be used by people who have functional deficits in one or both lower extremities caused by issues such as arthritis or neurological diseases. The use of a walking aid allows the user to maintain independence to move around. This adjustable cane is made of aluminium with a flower print and the handle is made of wood.


Product Details of Curved Handle Walking Stick:

– Tube material: aluminium
– Handle material: wood
– Length: 76-99cm
– Weight: 0.3kg
– Maximum weight load: 90kg


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