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Togu Powerball ABS ( Anti-Burst System )

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The airbag for your big ball – Original ABS® safety made in Germany



The airbag for your big ball – Original ABS® safety made in Germany


An air-filled and burst-proof ball made of Crylon. The material is odorless, latex-free, very resilient up to 500 kg (guaranteed space security in the event of damage to the outer skin up to 90 kg) and made of 100% recyclable plastic.


What does it do?


A strengthening of the abdominal, back and whole body muscles through safe, effective and dynamic back and stability training. Can train the back muscles by sitting upright and moving.


How does it work ?


While sitting on the ball, an upright posture is automatically adopted so as not to fall off the ball. At the same time, the pelvic, abdominal and back muscles are involuntarily used again and again to balance the ball while sitting. Instructions with specific exercise suggestions are enclosed in the product packaging.


In the event of damage by objects such as sharp edges, needles, glass splinters, scissors etc., the material of the ball skin prevents sudden tearing. The air comes out slowly through the hole. There is no risk of bursting and injuries due to an unexpected fall are avoided


Characteristic features of the original anti-burst material:


Due to the special anti-burst material, the shape of the ball can change during use. This has no influence on the effect while sitting or the movement sequence during exercises. The decisive factor is the dynamics and the safety system of the ball, not its circular nature. About ten minutes after leaving the ABS® ball, the ball regains its round shape due to the restoring force of the material. Due to the packaging, an ABS® ball still has some wrinkles after it has been inflated. Due to the special safety material, these folds can also be permanently visible on an inflated ABS® ball. This does not affect functionality or security in any way.







“A lot of people think that one ball is the same as another. We seldom worry about what happens if such a ball is damaged during training or while sitting and suddenly bursts. I definitely want to be safe and that’s why I chose the Powerball ABS Inflating you can tell that the outer skin is firmer and leaves a solid impression. The ball deforms a bit when sitting, which is a result of the greater wall thickness. Now I can get started and do my exercises efficiently without worrying about my safety the product packaging a practical exercise guide. By the way, the Powerball ABS is also used by me at work for sitting. Compared to a rigid office chair, the Powerball feels wonderfully flexible and sporty.This not only takes the stress out of work noticeably, it also improves my concentration. ”


Tested and recommended by the Forum: Healthy Back – Better Living eV and the Federal Association of German Back Schools (BdR) eV

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With the color variant marble, color deviations are possible due to production!



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Extra Large – 75xm, Large – 65cm, Medium – 55cm, Small – 45cm

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