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Shower Stool with a Backrest and Handrests


Shower stool with backrest and side handles – model 355L

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Shower stool with backrest and side handles – model 355L


A shower stool  with a backrest and handles   is perfect for elderly and disabled people who have problems with movement on a daily basis and prevent them from performing daily activities with the morning toilet. The shower stool  has handles covered with foam material, which will work for people who have problems with getting up on their own. An additional advantage is the removable backrest and handrails as well as height adjustment.


Product features:


Aluminum structure to reduce weight, corrosion resistant;

Wide seat increasing comfort and safety of use;

The seat is equipped with drainage holes;

Two-stage backrest adjustment;

Adjustable height in steps (approx. 2.5 cm) allows it to be adapted to the user’s needs;

Legs with non-slip caps prevent scratching the surface and uncontrolled movements of the stool during use;

The assembly of the stool does not require the use of a screwdriver;

Medical component

What distinguishes the TGR-R KP 355L TIMAGO stool from other shower chairs?


Multifunctionality  – it can be a chair with handles as well as a stool if the backrest is not installed;

Two-stage backrest adjustment –  for a better fit;

Assembly without the use of tools  – the stool is pre-assembled, the backrest and handles should be attached;

Safety:  The stool’s legs are finished with non-slip caps, which prevents slipping and scratching the surface. The caps adhere very well to the surface, thus giving the user a sense of security while bathing.



Technical data

Width: 54  cm


-Depth: 48  cm


Seat height:  42 – 55 cm


Overall height: 72 – 85  cm


Seat dimensions: 39 cm x 33 cm


Weight: 3.2  kg


Load:  110 kg



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