Padded Elbow Strap

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Can be used for tears and strains of the forearm muscles, acute and chronic pain syndrome, and preventive treatment of overloads and injuries.

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This padded elbow strap can be used to prevent further injury to an irritated elbow. The strap will ease the pain of your elbow, protect your arm from any further injury and support the healing of the injured limb. It is padded to give the user extra comfort. Furthermore, it is designed to support the elbow from below by applying pressure to the tendon. This supports and secures the elbow in place, even during day to day activities.


Product characteristics:

– It is fastened by Velcro straps;
– silicone pad with convexities;
– reduces the risk of overloads or tears of muscles that are found in the extension and flexion of the forearm and hand.


When should I use an elbow strap:

– tears and strains of proximal attachments of the forearm muscles are present;
– acute and chronic pain syndrome;
– preventive treatment of overloads and injuries.


What are the benefits of wearing an elbow strap?

– Reduces pain at the site of the injury
– Prevents further injuries
– Reduces swelling of the knee
– It helps improve use of forearm while the injury is healing
– Stabilises joint
– Helps you regain range of motion
– Speeds up the recovery time

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