Looped Resistance Bands (1kg-20kg)

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These looped resistance bands can be used to strengthen and stretch the body muscles. They come in multiple sizes, each with a different level of resistance to cater to various uses.

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These looped resistance bands are really helpful to add extra weight and intensity to a workout or exercise. It works on building muscles across the body. They are made of elastic latex, which is a lightweight material. The bands are waterproof and, furthermore, they are resistant to damage. Therefore, they can be used in any weather and can withstand the elements. Furthermore, they come in many different weights. Allowing for people with various skill levels to use the bands. Additionally, they are inexpensive compared with gym membership costs.



  • Loop – shaped band for exercise
  • Made of elastic latex
  • Resistant to damage and deformation
  • Waterproof: it can be washed after exercise which increases comfort of using
  • Progressive resistance: the more it is stretched – the more resistance it gets
  • Small size and weight allows for exercise
  • Printing on the band informs about the level of resistance
  • Width: 5cm
  • Length: 25cm (circuit 50cm)


  • Corrective exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Stretching exercises


What are the benefits of using lopped resistance bands?

– Less chance of injury than using free weights
– Activates the core muscles
– Increases strength and mobility across the muscles in the body
– It is inexpensive compared to gym membership costs
– More exercise options are available
– They are ideal for rehabilitation as they are low impact on the body
– Lastly, they are easily transportable. Therefore, they are easy to travel with. Allowing you to practice your exercise and rehab while you travel.


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