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The aluminium skipping rope is an exercise device. By using a skipping rope regularly, you will not only strengthen your calves and things, you will strengthen the muscles in your entire body. In addition, while jumping on the rope, you will engage the muscles of the arms and chest.

The inspiration for the production of the product is to make it similar to that used in Olympic boxing.

Product Details

– Cord length: 300 cm
– Adjustable: YES – adjustable skipping rope
– Cord material: Coated metal
– Colour: Black
– Handle length: 16 cm
– Cable thickness: 2.5 mm
– Handle material: Aluminium


The handles are light and fit perfectly in the hands. They have a non-slip, rough surface. The crossfit aluminium rope is equipped with a 300cm long, coated metal cable with a diameter of 2.5 mm. You can shorten and loosen the rope for greater traction.


Benefits of using a skipping rope:

– Strengthening the muscles of the legs, arms and chest. Increasing overall body strength.
– Fat reduction
– Improved coordination and concentration
– Better oxygenation around the body
– Improved blood supply to muscle tissue
– Improves heart health
– Strengthens bones
– Boosts mental health by releasing endorphins.


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