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The Importance and Benefits of Using Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are no longer just important - they are an essential part of the lives of individuals who need mobility aid. Online wheelchair sales have drastically increased in recent years because of the number of ways it benefits and adds value to a person’s life. Some of them include:

#1 Accessibility

Wheelchairs have turned the world around for people suffering from mobility issues. With the right wheelchair, a person can expand their access to different terrains and gain access to several areas like buildings, parks, rocky roads, public transportation systems, and so on. These would have been inaccessible and off-limits for them otherwise, hindering their daily functioning and high quality of life. 

#2 Safety

For people who are at a greater risk of meeting with accidents due to a disturbed sense of balance and strength issues, wheelchairs provide a great respite! It helps them be much more stable, lowers the burden of straining themselves, requires very minimal strength, and offers a secure way to move around. 

#3 Social Inclusion

One of the greatest disadvantages that several people with mobility issues face is little to zero social interaction. This is mostly due to accessibility and safety issues that they face, making them feel socially excluded and lonely. However, wheelchairs help them lead much more socially active life, whether it’s visiting the community center, attending events, going to school or work, and so on. 

#4 Empowerment 

People with mobility issues are more often than not compelled to be dependent on their family members, loved ones, and caretakers to move around. Wheelchairs give them the means to autonomously move around whenever they please without needing any external interference or assistance. This helps them lead an active and self-reliant lifestyle, encouraging them to pursue their hobbies, education, and careers. 

#5 Enhanced Physical Health

Using a wheelchair encourages a person to remain mobile, and helps them avoid several complications which often plague patients due to immobility. Pressure sores, respiratory issues, poor circulation, frozen muscles, and depression are common risks faced by patients or people with reduced mobility. 

Who Can Use Wheelchairs?

Unlike most mobility aids, wheelchairs in particular are very versatile and accessible to be used by a wide range of individuals such as:

#1 Individuals With Permanent Mobility Impairments

People who are born with impairments to face circumstances that render them unable to move require the assistance of wheelchairs. People with conditions such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries, and so on, rely on wheelchairs for daily mobility needs

#2 Elderly Individuals 

As people age, they face increased hindrances in going about their regular lifestyle and moving around effortlessly. With common conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or general weakness due to old age, a wheelchair helps them remain independent for a prolonged period of time. 

#3 Individuals With Temporary Injuries

Often people recovering from injuries and surgeries are recommended by medical professionals to use a wheelchair to speed up the recovery process without adding to the injury while simultaneously maintaining the patients' lifestyle. 

FAQs: Get Your Questions Answered

1. How can I learn to use a wheelchair properly?
If you are new to using a wheelchair then receiving proper guidance and training to use it is absolutely necessary to mitigate any risks involved. Your healthcare provider and physical therapist will help you. Or, simply search “wheelchair suppliers near me” on your search engine and contact the nearest supplier to know more.

2. Can I travel with my wheelchair on airplanes?
Yes, Irish regulations mandate airlines to provide wheelchair accessibility to passengers with reduced mobility.

3. Can the backrest height for wheelchairs be adjusted?
Yes, by raising and lowering the push handles in the rear side frame or back frame one can adjust the height of the wheelchair backrest.

4. How do I maintain and clean my wheelchair?
Regular maintenance is crucial for wheelchairs to ensure safety. This involves checking the tires, brakes, and moving parts regularly, along with cleaning and changing the upholstery.

5. What are wheelchair cushions and where can I get them?
Wheelchair cushions are specifically designed to provide comfort and protect the person against pressure sores which are a common risk for wheelchair users. You can buy them from any wheelchair store.