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    The Conductive Massage Cream is a state-of-the-art cream and one of the products with conductive features thanks to the presence of mineral salts. It is a moisturising cream, it is not greasy and it has good viscosity. It is suitable for all massage techniques both for physiotherapy and for sport. It is enriched with atomised sea water, rich in calcium and magnesium. The allantoin stimulates the repair processes of the tissues, leaving the skin soft, supple and silky smooth, protecting it from external aggressions.

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    Conductive Diathermy Cream is a specific cream for use with energy transfer equipment (diathermy) and with Cryoultrasound. Moisturizing cream with a high capacity of conduction given by the richness of Mineral Salts, which favor and prolong the effects of therapy, and by the absence of paraffin, which shields energy transfer.

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    The Cold/Hot Ointment is a technical product with an anhydrous Vaseline base.
Thick cream, easy to apply that creates warm-cold sensations. It performs vasoconstriction and vasodilation actions on the body. The alternation of these actions creates and intense soothing effect.

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    The Neutral Ointment is the primary product of the Medisport cream line.
It is a thick, dermatologically tested cream that is easy to rub in. Its neutral formulation is not greasy and is quickly absorbed, creating the right “grip” on the skin, which allows the operator to perform a perfect massage without getting tired.

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    The Super Sport Ointment is a technical product particularly suitable for the sports sector. It is an anhydrous ointment based on stringy vaseline with a heating effect, designed to assist the treatment of muscular masses and indicated to prepare the muscle for intense effort. The presence of Vaseline creates a protective film on the skin that, especially in outdoor sports activities, maintains the effect of the massage even in case of cold and humidity.

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