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Oils, Creams & Sprays

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    The Conductive Massage Cream is a state-of-the-art cream and one of the products with conductive features thanks to the presence of mineral salts. It is a moisturising cream, it is not greasy and it has good viscosity. It is suitable for all massage techniques both for physiotherapy and for sport. It is enriched with atomised sea water, rich in calcium and magnesium. The allantoin stimulates the repair processes of the tissues, leaving the skin soft, supple and silky smooth, protecting it from external aggressions.

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    The Warning Balm is a fluid emulsion that is easy to apply and reabsorb. It is one of Medisport’s revulsive media products. Product indicated before the sport activity as it helps the muscular and articular heating before the effort in the winter season or when one wants to perform a “hot” performance from the beginning. Its formulation makes it suitable for non-intensive and rapid massages. Functional substances: ethyl nicotinate, wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, camphor, capsicum.

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    The Super Sport Oil is a mixture of mineral and natural oils with an intense warming effect due to the presence of camphor and methyl salicylate; it is suitable for pre-race massages to give the muscles the right stimuli before the performance especially for outdoor sports and when it is cold. Its formulation has been recently revised and improved in order to better meet the needs of athletes

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    Conductive Diathermy Cream is a specific cream for use with energy transfer equipment (diathermy) and with Cryoultrasound. Moisturizing cream with a high capacity of conduction given by the richness of Mineral Salts, which favor and prolong the effects of therapy, and by the absence of paraffin, which shields energy transfer.

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    A mentholated massage oil designed to stimulate and refresh the muscles especially in the period of athletic training. It is suitable for massages before or after sports.

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    This oil is a state-of-the-art product, a mixture of six oils (vegetable and mineral) of great value, such as corn oil with emollient and carrying properties; the prevailing notes of arnica and avocado oil, enrich this formula making this oil a product of excellence for massages with decongestant properties thanks…

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    A massage oil designed for the needs of professionals. Its particular composition makes it suitable for a deep, long massage, with a moisturising and refreshing effect.

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    The Cold/Hot Ointment is a technical product with an anhydrous Vaseline base.
Thick cream, easy to apply that creates warm-cold sensations. It performs vasoconstriction and vasodilation actions on the body. The alternation of these actions creates and intense soothing effect.

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    The Neutral Ointment is the primary product of the Medisport cream line.
It is a thick, dermatologically tested cream that is easy to rub in. Its neutral formulation is not greasy and is quickly absorbed, creating the right “grip” on the skin, which allows the operator to perform a perfect massage without getting tired.

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    The Super Sport Ointment is a technical product particularly suitable for the sports sector. It is an anhydrous ointment based on stringy vaseline with a heating effect, designed to assist the treatment of muscular masses and indicated to prepare the muscle for intense effort. The presence of Vaseline creates a protective film on the skin that, especially in outdoor sports activities, maintains the effect of the massage even in case of cold and humidity.

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    The Blue Ointment is a technical product particularly suitable for sports; it is a super refined Vaseline-based anhydrous mixture containing 20 different liposoluble extracts and herbs. Product with average thickness ideal for massages or bandaging.

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    The Refresching Lotion is a water-alcohol-based solution of plant extracts with soothing, emollient, softening and protective properties; also, the menthol contained in it gives the product an invigorating and refreshing effect. It is not greasy and has a degreasing action. Recommended after a massage to give a feeling of freshness. Functional substances: menthol, malva sylvestris extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, calendula officinalis flower extract.

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    Dermatologically tested mixture of natural oils and mineral oils which make it a specific oil very useful for massages. It is absorbed slowly and it is not greasy, ensuring the right support for the operator when “reading” the muscle; suitable for long massages and sports massages. Free from preservatives and fragrances, it can be enriched with essential oils. Functional substances: jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, corn oil. The Jojoba oil, contained in it for its characteristic non-greasy composition, is highly absorbable by human skin and is very compatible with it.

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    The Ice Gel technical product. It is a fluid gel with a refreshing effect thanks to the menthol and the peppermint essential oil.

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    Ready to use ice spray can, pain reliever particularly indicated in all sports activities, it is suitable for small traumas or bruises.

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    Instant Ice Pack  is used to reduce pain and swelling caused by an injury, joint sprain or muscle contusion. The small dimensions of the package and low weight allow you to store the compress in almost every pocket of the backpack and does not constitute a noticeable burden.

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