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Foam Rollers

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    For use in functional training and personal training. Great variety of exercises possible (support, lie, sitting positions).

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    The BLACKROLL® MINI FLOW is the further development of a proven regeneration tool for self-massage, the BLACKROLL® MINI. It was developed to loosen adhesions and tension and at the same time to stimulate blood circulation. Revolutionary structure for a double effect.

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    The BLACKROLL® GROOVE STANDARD has the same degree of hardness as the BLACKROLL® STANDARD and thus offers a wide range of applications. The additional grooves create a slight vibration effect when rolling quickly, which additionally promotes blood circulation when warming up and stimulates the receptors in connective tissue and muscles. The BLACKROLL® GROOVE STANDARD is particularly used in competitive sports.

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    The TOGU Blackroll soft – made in Germany – is the ideal regeneration tool for self-massage and for releasing myofascia (connective tissue covering muscles and muscle groups).

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    The Blackroll weighs only approx. 150 grams and is used as a regeneration tool for self-massage – the main aim is to relieve adhesions and tension. In the long term, fascial adhesions and adhesions can be dissolved and scar tissue can also be reduced. The Blackroll Mini is especially suitable for applications in the hand carpal tunnel and foot heel spur.

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