At Medpoint, we believe that providing quality care and support to people managing incontinence is important. 

Medpoint is the leading supplier of incontinence products in Ireland. With our dedication to comfort and dignity, we provide a wide range of options that are customised to fit your requirements. Our wide range of products guarantees that you will find an ideal solution for your needs including commode chairs or incontinence pads. Discover the comfort and assurance you deserve by exploring our extensive selection today.

Explore Our Diverse Product Selection of Incontinence Products

#1 Toilet Chair

The toilet chair is one of our essential products for incontinence care. Its supportive and ease-of-use features help people who are unable to control their bladder naturally. The chair features adjustable height, armrests and firm structures in the design which provide an atmosphere for users to have a stable and comfortable experience. At Medpoint, we offer you commode chairs for sale such as Toilet Chair with Wheels and Commode Chair (white).

#2 Urinal Holder

Urinal holders are incontinence products that help considerably in incontinence treatments because they provide an easy and noninvasive way of controlling urinary problems. Such holders have been designed offering patients who cannot reach or use common restrooms with utmost ease. Urinal holders are sure to come in handy as patients can uphold their dignity as well as independence and with ease, manage their frequent urination. We offer a variety of urinal holders such as Female Urinals and Male Urinals with Lids.

#3 Wipes

Dry and wet wipes are important products in the treatment for incontinence care too, as they provide a convenient and successful way to sustain cleanliness and hygiene. They are particularly designed to gently clean those delicate parts of the skin that may get affected by incontinence, without stirring irritation or pain. Moreover, besides the moisturising components the wipes usually contain, they also aim to calm the skin and prevent dryness and outbreaks of irritation. With the regular use of wipes within the treatment process, patients can minimise the risk of skin infections and irritation, improving overall total skin health and the effectiveness of their lives. At Medpoint, we offer 2 types of wipes that include Patient Wet Wipes and Dry Wipes (100pcs).

#4 Wash Cream

Incontinence treatment has significantly benefited from the prevalence of wash cream as it works efficiently in cleaning the skin touched by either urine or fecal matter. The unique combination of ingredients assists in cleaning thoroughly, removing impurities, dirt, and bacteria while the natural oil barrier is preserved, thus avoiding irritation. Wash cream becomes helpful in the protection of skin breakage and infection, as these impact the general welfare of skin health to people living with incontinence. We offer a wide range of wash creams such as Seni Cleansing Wash Cream and Seni Washing Body Foam.

#5 Pads

Pads are a vital part of the treatment and incontinence care that can be provided to people suffering from bladder or bowel control problems. They offer comfort, safety, and dignity. Our incontinence pads offer a high level of protection and support and, thus, help considerably in enhancing the quality of life for individuals who deal with incontinence. It empowers them to engage in social activities freely and to be independent. At Medpoint, we provide you with pads such as Seni Man Bladder Control Pads, Super Seni Plus Taped Pads, and Seni Active Classic Pull-Ups.

FAQs: Get Your Questions Answered

1. What kinds of products are available in Ireland for incontinence?
A range of incontinence products are available from Medpoint, such as urinal holders, pads, wipes, and wash creams.

2. How do I choose the right incontinence product?
The right product depends on the severity of your incontinence, your lifestyle, and personal preferences. Consider factors like absorbency level, discretion, comfort, and ease of use. Consulting a doctor or pharmacist can be helpful.

3. What factors should I consider when choosing a commode?
Consider weight capacity, seat height, armrests, portability, ease of cleaning, and whether it comes with a pan or requires use over a toilet.

4. Can I get discreet delivery of incontinence products in Ireland?
Yes, absolutely! At Medpoint, we understand the importance of discretion when it comes to incontinence products. We offer discreet delivery on all our incontinence product orders in Ireland.

5. Can incontinence pads be used during the day and at night?
Incontinence pads can be suitable for both day and night use, depending on the severity of your needs. For lighter incontinence or frequent urination, choose pads with moderate absorbency. Consider features like breathability and odor control for comfort and discretion. For heavier incontinence or longer sleep periods, opt for pads with maximum absorbency. Look for features like leakage barriers and overnight protection to ensure a worry-free sleep.