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Injury Treatment

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    The Kruser were developed by the well-known sports physiotherapist Swen Kruse. The Swen Kruse method does not use any additional preparations such as creams or oils. The instrument made of surgical stainless steel is extremely durable, uncomplicated and hygienic to use.

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    Professional system for massage with negative pressure, continuously adjustable negative pressure from -130 mbar to -280 mbar, including connecting tube (length: 250 cm) and two suction cups (Ø 20 mm and Ø 34 mm), disinfectant Descosept SENSITIVE (750 ml; safety data sheet and Operating instructions:, carrying bag, gross weight: 3.14 kg, required mains voltage: 230 V, Euro plug (CEE 7/16)

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    The flexible suction cup made of skin-friendly silicone has a diameter of approx.3.5 centimeters and can therefore be used very universally. The non-slip surface of the cup allows use with and without massage oil. The negative pressure ensures a three-dimensional massage, supported and enhanced by the special peeling edge.

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    The flexible suction cup made of skin-friendly silicone has a diameter of approx. 2 centimeters and is therefore particularly suitable for applications on small and narrow parts of the body. The non-slip surface of the cup allows use with and without sliding skin care products. The negative pressure ensures a three-dimensional massage, supported and enhanced by the special peeling edge.

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    For use in functional training and personal training. Great variety of exercises possible (support, lie, sitting positions).

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    The BLACKROLL® MINI FLOW is the further development of a proven regeneration tool for self-massage, the BLACKROLL® MINI. It was developed to loosen adhesions and tension and at the same time to stimulate blood circulation. Revolutionary structure for a double effect.

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    The BLACKROLL® GROOVE STANDARD has the same degree of hardness as the BLACKROLL® STANDARD and thus offers a wide range of applications. The additional grooves create a slight vibration effect when rolling quickly, which additionally promotes blood circulation when warming up and stimulates the receptors in connective tissue and muscles. The BLACKROLL® GROOVE STANDARD is particularly used in competitive sports.

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    The TOGU Blackroll soft – made in Germany – is the ideal regeneration tool for self-massage and for releasing myofascia (connective tissue covering muscles and muscle groups).

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    The Blackroll weighs only approx. 150 grams and is used as a regeneration tool for self-massage – the main aim is to relieve adhesions and tension. In the long term, fascial adhesions and adhesions can be dissolved and scar tissue can also be reduced. The Blackroll Mini is especially suitable for applications in the hand carpal tunnel and foot heel spur.

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    The Conductive Massage Cream is a state-of-the-art cream and one of the products with conductive features thanks to the presence of mineral salts. It is a moisturising cream, it is not greasy and it has good viscosity. It is suitable for all massage techniques both for physiotherapy and for sport. It is enriched with atomised sea water, rich in calcium and magnesium. The allantoin stimulates the repair processes of the tissues, leaving the skin soft, supple and silky smooth, protecting it from external aggressions.

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    The Warning Balm is a fluid emulsion that is easy to apply and reabsorb. It is one of Medisport’s revulsive media products. Product indicated before the sport activity as it helps the muscular and articular heating before the effort in the winter season or when one wants to perform a “hot” performance from the beginning. Its formulation makes it suitable for non-intensive and rapid massages. Functional substances: ethyl nicotinate, wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, camphor, capsicum.

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    The TOGU Blackroll Duoball – made in Germany – is now available for selective use with a diameter of 8 or 12 cm. It is also suitable for massaging the back or neck. It can also be used on the wall or on the floor. The distance between the two balls spares the backbone and the massage is even more effective.

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    The Super Sport Oil is a mixture of mineral and natural oils with an intense warming effect due to the presence of camphor and methyl salicylate; it is suitable for pre-race massages to give the muscles the right stimuli before the performance especially for outdoor sports and when it is cold. Its formulation has been recently revised and improved in order to better meet the needs of athletes

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    Every SEIRIN ® L-type needle is made entirely of stainless steel and is especially suitable for electro-stimulation and moxibustion.

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    NEW PYONEX gentle press needles guarantee gentle, superficial, virtually imperceptible needle insertion, are easy-to-use, hygienic, safe and almost invisible at first sight.

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    Conductive Diathermy Cream is a specific cream for use with energy transfer equipment (diathermy) and with Cryoultrasound. Moisturizing cream with a high capacity of conduction given by the richness of Mineral Salts, which favor and prolong the effects of therapy, and by the absence of paraffin, which shields energy transfer.

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    A mentholated massage oil designed to stimulate and refresh the muscles especially in the period of athletic training. It is suitable for massages before or after sports.

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    This oil is a state-of-the-art product, a mixture of six oils (vegetable and mineral) of great value, such as corn oil with emollient and carrying properties; the prevailing notes of arnica and avocado oil, enrich this formula making this oil a product of excellence for massages with decongestant properties thanks…

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    A massage oil designed for the needs of professionals. Its particular composition makes it suitable for a deep, long massage, with a moisturising and refreshing effect.

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    The Cold/Hot Ointment is a technical product with an anhydrous Vaseline base.
Thick cream, easy to apply that creates warm-cold sensations. It performs vasoconstriction and vasodilation actions on the body. The alternation of these actions creates and intense soothing effect.

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    The G-Type acupuncture needle provides the high quality you expect from SEIRIN in a longer needle ideal for sports medicine.

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    The TheraFloss Band is available as an elastic band in two different strengths:red – 1,02 mm and black – 1,50 mm.

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    The Neutral Ointment is the primary product of the Medisport cream line.
It is a thick, dermatologically tested cream that is easy to rub in. Its neutral formulation is not greasy and is quickly absorbed, creating the right “grip” on the skin, which allows the operator to perform a perfect massage without getting tired.

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    The Actiball® Relax Thermo – made in Germany – is the new massage ball with a special Thermo-Gel filling. The pleasant – 100% skin-friendly – material adapts perfectly to the shape of the body when used. You can also reach hard-to-reach areas and massage them selectively. Regenerate, massage and relax in a warm state with the Actiball Relax Thermo, simply and easily. Ideal after a long day at work or to relax in between. Improve your flexibility and mobility in little time. Provide permanent relief from tension, better blood circulation and increase your wellbeing.

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