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First Aid & Clinical Supplies

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    Dressing with absorbent pad, sterile

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    Tensogrip tubular bandage provides even pressure an light support over varying body contours. It is constructed from two thirds cotton ad one third rayon, combined with latex rubber yarns.

  • pi107

    An anatomical, flexible bandage made with high quality, easy-wash fabric studied to contain cold-hot pack making easier cold/hot applications. Ideal for use in physiotherapy centres.

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    Properties: class I medical device personal protective equipment category III (type B) meet the requirements of EN 455 standards approved for contact with food lightly powdered with cornmeal water permeability test – AQL 1.5 homogeneous texture over the entire surface of the hand and fingers rolled cuff for easy donning…

  • ta111

    Stainless steel round ended scissors for general use with bandages and plasters. Indications: ideal for cutting bandages and plasters.

  • pi135

    Unlike the classic ice holders, it has a large opening to facilitate the insertion of ice directly with a scoop. It is suitable for minor traumas or bruises.

  • pi104

    Reusable gel pad for external cold and heat therapy applications, made with a double pad so as to wrap the part to be treated. Indications: contusions, sprains, contractures, small hemorrhages, epistaxis.

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    Woven bandage supporting, non-sterile

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    Fabric adhesive white

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    Flesh-colored fabric adhesive

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    Non-woven adhesive

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    Non-woven adhesive with perforation

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