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    Great variety of exercises possible (support, position, seat), shape-retaining roll made of EVA. Material, 90 cm long, so the whole upper body can rest on the roll. No slipping during training, suitable for training in the studio and at home.

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    It strengthens numerous muscle groups in the upper body, as well as the arm and back muscles.

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    The Toning Ball set of 2 – made in Germany – is tailored to the requirements of Pilates programs and is ideal as an ideal additional weight for many movement, yoga and fitness exercises. The weight is centered in the middle of the palms, which is gentle on the joints. Increase the training effect and strengthen your arms, shoulders and upper body in particular with the TOGU Toning Balls.

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    The Redondo Ball – made in Germany – is made of the soft, foamed and at the same time odorless material Ruton. The air filling can be regulated individually with a stopper. The product is latex-free and made from 100% recyclable plastic.

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