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At Medpoint, we are the leaders and trusted source for high quality clinical furniture supplies in Ireland.

We are aware of the importance of physiotherapy furniture in your practice. Our wide range of products guarantees that you will find an ideal solution for your needs, whether they are for treatment tables, parallel or wall bars. Discover our extensive selection today.

Explore our Large Range of Medical Clinic Supply

#1 Treatment Tables

Treatment tables play a crucial role in physiotherapy treatment and therapies as it provides a stable platform to the patients for comfortable treatments. These tables are very useful for practitioners and professionals in helping patients in their successful treatments. These tables are specifically made to be used for therapies like chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and physical therapy. Additionally, they have features like table adjustment, which enables therapists to alter the surface so that patients are in a comfortable position.

#2 Wall Bars

Wall bars are a highly useful tool for individuals who want to heal from surgeries or accidents. We offer patients wall bars to support them and improve their mobility and strengthen their muscles through exercise. They are used by physiotherapy professionals and therapists to assess the progress of their patients during treatment.

#3 Swivel Stool

One of the many uses of the swiveling stool is to assist physiotherapists and other professionals in providing patient care. The stool is an excellent option for an ergonomic desk as it permits mobility while providing the user with support. This is one of the most important medical office furniture supplies.

#4 Treatment Beds

Treatment beds offer a comfortable and supportive surface to the patients undergoing treatment. We provide customised tables with features like wheels, adjustable features, a comfortable surface, ergonomic equipment and more. By encouraging the ideal posture of the body, these beds provide patients with efficient care. Additionally, they make it simple for physio specialists and therapists to access patients for specific physio rehabilitation. 

#5 Staircase

Staircases play an important role in the treatment of therapies like physiotherapy or functional training. Staircase exercises can help strengthen the lower body, improve cardiovascular health, and improve balance and coordination when incorporated into therapy sessions. Stair climbing can help people recuperating from operations or injuries replicate practical motions, which can ease the transition back to regular activities and boost mobility confidence. 

With premium physiotherapy furniture from Medpoint, you can improve patient care and the efficiency of your clinic. Explore our extensive range of clinic room furniture. From treatment tables to staircases, we have everything you need.

FAQs: Get Your Questions Answered

1. Is it possible to modify the physiotherapy furniture to meet the needs of my clinic?
Yes, Medpoint provides customisation choices so you can fit the furniture to the unique requirements and tastes of your clinic.

2. How durable are the Medpoint physiotherapy furniture products?
Since our medical furniture is made from premium materials, it will last a long time and endure the rigors of clinical situations.

3. How can I place an order with Medpoint for clinic furniture?
If you need help with your purchase, you may easily place an order through our website or get in touch with our customer support staff.