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At Medpoint, we believe in offering you high-quality taping and bandaging products.

We offer a wide variety of injury management and clinical supplies, medical bandage tapes, and much more. Our wide range of products guarantees that you will find an ideal solution for your clinic or practice needs, whether they are for bandages, tapes or dressing fixation. Discover our full and extensive selection today.

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#1 Bandages

Physio bandage tapes are very important for injuries and pain management. They help to provide an injury or weak area to become stable by providing support. Bandages are the primary tool for wound treatment, and for keeping pain away. Through the stabilisation process, they prevent further damage to the weak or injured internal part. Bandages can be used not only for pain relief but also for the healing process in case you have muscle injuries.

#2 Tapes

Medical tapes are versatile medical solutions that help in wound care as they play the role of holding dressings. This further prevents infection and provides assurance in the healing process. The field of physical therapy has adopted various tapes, such as the kinesiology tape, which help in muscle and joint support that reduces pain and inflammation. With the help of these tapes, there will be no need for invasive methods to treat the affected areas as it will ensure natural movement of the affected muscles as well.

#3 Hypafix Dressing Fixation

We offer Hypafix transfixion dressing, an elastic, adhesive non-woven sheet that is one of the simplest and convenient ways to bond the dressing to the skin. Its features and advantages are diverse and provide for an optimum level of utilisation and performance in the medical process. This skin adhesive is highly acceptable to the skin, due to its acrylic copolymer adhesive and water-permeable ingredients that expand the air contact without risking allergies. Its highly adaptable feature has been made from non-woven polyester material and provides comfort to the body without discouraging movement.

#4 Tensoplast EAB

We at Medpoint offer Tensoplast Sport a self-adhesive bandage tape that is highly absorbent and has an extra protective band. It is 50% extendable length. Due to its high porosity, transpiration is possible, reducing the chance of damage. It repels water and is hypoallergenic. It doesn't include latex, which is a huge plus for anyone with sensitive skin.

Our tapes have excellent adhesiveness that stay even at the time of treatments and during physically demanding activities like sports. This means that the performance is not compromised. Our adhesive tape is made keeping in mind that it is acceptable for skin without harming it, especially for those with sensitive skin.

At Medpoint. we provide premium alternatives that are customised to meet your needs, whether you need dressing fixation solutions or supplies for managing injuries. Checkout our wide range and selection today.

FAQs: Get Your Questions Answered

1. What is cohesive bandage tape?
Cohesive bandage tape is a flexible, cohesive wrap used for securing dressings or providing support to injured areas. It sticks to itself without needing clips or fasteners, making it convenient for various medical applications.

2. Is cohesive bandage tape safe to use on delicate skin types?
Cohesive bandage tape is generally safe for delicate skin types, as it's designed to be gentle and hypoallergenic. However, individuals with sensitive skin should perform a patch test before extended use to ensure compatibility.

3. What is the purpose of cohesive bandage tape?
The purpose of cohesive bandage tape is to secure dressings, bandages, or splints in place, providing stability and protection to wounds or injuries. It also helps to minimise movement, reducing the risk of further injury or contamination.

4. Is it easy to remove cohesive bandage tape?
Cohesive bandage tape is typically designed for easy removal, allowing for pain-free dressing changes. Its gentle adhesive properties ensure that it adheres securely during wear but can be removed without causing discomfort or skin irritation.