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    The Elsa Deluxe neck pillow is an anatomically shaped pillow made of viscoelastic memory foam that moulds to the curve of your neck using your body temperature.

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    The Delicate Orthopaedic Pillow Morpheus provides a feeling of exceptional softness. It provides adequate support and the correct position of the cervical spine and head during sleep. Thanks to the use of thermoelastic foam (“with memory”), the pillow perfectly adapts to the body under the influence of its weight and temperature.

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    This Kinesiology Tape is an elastic adhesive tape that fits securely on the skin. It is breathable, water resistant and can be worn from several days up to a week. It leaves no residue on the skin. The bandage made with Kinesiology Tape, while providing support, guarantees freedom of movement allowing the individual to freely practice physical activity.

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