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    Gypsona plaster of Paris bandage is made from a specially woven leno cloth, uniformly impregnated with the finest quality, fast setting plaster of Paris that produces an even cast with an excellent finish.

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    Tensogrip tubular bandage provides even pressure an light support over varying body contours. It is constructed from two thirds cotton ad one third rayon, combined with latex rubber yarns.

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    Orthopaedic professionals will appreciate the creamy texture and ease of application of Specialist E whilst patients will like the smooth feel and the way it forms a well fitting cast that is reassuringly tough and strong. The unique plaster formula offers minimal plaster loss to ensure maximum strength and a smooth cast finish.

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    The Leukotape P Combi Pack is a combination pack of heavy-duty strapping tape for the management of patella femoral pain using the McConnell Taping Technique.

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    Elastocrepe is a woven short stretch crepe bandage made from 100% high twist cotton and rayon yarns to give a reliable cotton crepe BP performance. It is ideal for use with traditional paste bandaging techniques.

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    High Adhesive Rigid Strapping Tape

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    This product is a non-elastic strapping tape with a strong adhesive, constructed from 100% cotton fabric. The zinc oxide adhesive gives Leukotape excellent initial and long-term adhesion, offering extra strong support and efficient stabilisation of joint structures.

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    Co-Plus adheres to itself, but not to the patient or clothing. This provides non-slip support and compression with less trauma for the patient. No pins or clips are required to hold the bandage in place. Co-Plus flexible cohesive bandage is a combination of high strength nylon fibres and elastic yarns.

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    Wide area fixation

    Hypafix is a self-adhesive, non-woven fabric tape for wide area fixation of wound dressings, instruments, probes and catheters. The non-sterile fabric can be easily cut to the required shape and size and is particularly useful over joints and extremities.

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    A non-woven skin cleansing swab impregnated with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

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    Elastic Adhesive Bandage Strapping

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    Hypoallergenic Rigid Strapping Tape

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    Tearable Elastic Adhesive Bandage Made of a cotton fabric, Lightplast® Pro is a supporting and relieving elastic adhesive bandage for injured capsula, ligaments, muscles and joints. Lightplast® Pro is tearable and therefore it isespecially suited for quick application in the sports field.

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    The classic tape for normal skin

    Leukoplast is recommended when particularly secure fixation is required.

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    The ideal tape for sensitive skin

    Leukosilk is easy to tear and universal in use. It is especially suitable for sensitive skin areas.

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